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Danske Commodities is an independent energy trading house. We trade power and gas across borders and use our market knowledge and 24-hour trading setup to support our customers through tailor-made services targeting renewable producers, conventional assets and energy suppliers.


Our company was born in 2004 when a young Danish banker and entrepreneur saw potential in bringing divided national energy markets together through international trade. What started as a visionary idea is now a pioneering energy trading company that promotes competition and connects producers, suppliers and consumers across all Europe’s liberalised markets.


Danske Commodities has a two-tier management structure. The Board of Directors supervises the performance of the company and participates in determining the company strategy. Executive Management is responsible for daily operations. No person serves as a member of both bodies.


The Senior Management Group is responsible for the execution of strategic initiatives and for the operative supervising of the organisation by management of the overall performance of the company through target setting, monitoring and follow-up.

The Senior Management Group ensures that we deliver on our strategic targets, continuously live our corporate values and that these values are embedded in our organisation.

Danske Commodities consistently delivers strong financial performance through a keen focus on our core business, while at the same time continuously optimising our operating model, improving scalability and maintaining a stable cost base.
Utilising our unique expertise within our core business, we generated the strongest financial results in company history in 2017 with an EBT of EUR 60 million. With this annual result, Danske Commodities proves its position as a solid business partner. 

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Danske Commodities

Danske Commodities is an independent, international trader of energy-related commodities

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