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QVARTZ was formed in 2002 as a Nordic-based strategy consulting firm with its eyes set firmly on global growth. It currently has seven offices and serves clients in a number of sectors including  energy, consumer brand and retail, manufacturing, financial services, transport and logistics. The firm was formerly known as Quartz+Co before changing its name in 2015. Its new name helped in not only differentiate its brand but also reveals its phonetic approximation of how most of the people in the firm’s home market (Denmark) pronounce the original brand. QVARTZ may be a young firm but it has big ambitions for the industry it operates in. The firm’s website describes itself as “a civilization” that was founded with the ambition to change management consulting from within.

In order to achieve its lofty goals, QVARTZ is built around two key values; results and relationships. The former indicates the firm’s relevance to its clients while the latter paves way for a mutual understanding and commitment, which are key enablers for results. Those values are supported by six key beliefs; excellence, diversity, civilization, followership, flexibility, and “self-invented word” iconicity, which refers to the firm’s ability to create iconic moments for clients.




The firm put’s a major focus on their people and culture and describes it as one of their competitive advantages. They are focused on ensuring the well-being of their consultants and despite being a top-tier consulting company with top clients have been able to maintain a high retention rate for their consultants. As an example of their focus on employee wellbeing you will often see assignment partners and HR write to their consultants to ensure they are not feeling overworked.


The firm’s core values are RESULTS and RELATIONSHIP. Result as in the impact it delivers and relationship as the profound humanism in its approach to clients. Below are the firm’s beliefs that guide its behavior.


DIVERSITY: is the variation they represent collectively across gender, profiles and personalities. Diversity produces creativity by using each other’s differences, not just tolerating them.


CIVILISATION: encompasses their appreciative interaction with each other, the integrity and individual accountability and the generosity they have for greater purposes than the individual short-term benefit.


EXCELLENCE: is delivering second-to-none content, exceeding expectations in style, shape and form as well as engaging with passion.


ICONICITY: is a self-invented word hinting at their determination to deliver iconic moments with their clients and each other. Iconic moments are the everlasting images that clients and colleagues see before them when asked to describe QVARTZ.


FOLLOWERSHIP: is earned from personal leadership, superior skills and the ability to transfer these as well as keeping authenticity in everything they do.


FLEXIBILITY: because they always tailor their teams to the client’s situation and needs based on matchmaking in skills and profiles. Because their people can influence their career and they offer individualised development to their people. Because they’re all different.


QVARTZ is a management consulting company. A company that rests on Nordic values, with a reach far beyond Nordic borders.

  • Industry:
  • Rank: 4
  • Company size: 250-500
  • Global: Yes
  • Graduate program: Yes
  • Intern program: Yes

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