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Struensee & Co. assists senior leaders in identifying and implementing permanent improvements in the public sector. With professionalism, integrity and commitment, Struensee is dedicated to creating positive, substantial change for the benefit of society.

Its advice is rooted in many years of experience in consulting for the public sector and senior leadership in the public sector. Struensee’s professional ambitions for both its employees and clients are high. They focus on delivering tangible results for their clients. The firm works closely with the client’s organization and often in close terms with its clients. This is to make sure changes are anchored in both the senior leadership as well as in other relevant parts of the organization.

Struensee & Co. was founded by Claus Juhl and Christian Husted. As a company it combines the best of both world’s practical public sector leadership and the highest consulting expertise. This means, the company asks the right questions, deliver answers of professional quality and know how to implement lasting solutions.


At Struensee all employees are top professionals and share a burning commitment to improving the public sector. Each has a graduate degree with top grades and experience from either leading public organizations or leading private consulting companies.

The firm’s consultants often have degrees in social sciences, but it focuses more on potential than specific educational background. Recent graduates and students must be at the top of their class and eager to enhance and improve the public sector. Strong professional and personal skills are also important when consulting for senior leaders.

It takes drive and dedication to develop from an analytical consultant to a project leader who sets strategic agendas for both clients and teams, and further on to a trusted adviser for senior leadership in the public sector.

Struensee’s goal for all its employees is continual development of themselves and each other. The firm is dedicated to offering the right tools for just that. To achieve this, it provides systematic feedback on all employees’ performance and other qualifications in the form of training in strong methodologies as well as knowledge sharing. It also means that the company places considerable importance on all employees to have ambition, motivation and continuously strive to take greater responsibility and handle increasingly complex tasks. As a result, there are also significant opportunities for advancement to even greater employment levels, or to use a career in Struensee & Co. as a springboard to a senior leadership position in public or private organizations.

What makes it the best company to work for?

Struensee & Co. is the only management consultancy focused solely on advising senior management in the public sector, and our employees are dedicated to our mission to create a more prosperous society. This unique combination of purpose-driven consultants with visionary views for our common community, and a strong focus on personal development, make Struensee & Co. a unique place to work.

What are you working on getting better at?

In Struensee & Co. we are constantly working to strengthen our employees’ competencies and insights into the public sector’s issues, in order to help our clients make the right decisions on their most pressing and current challenges. We are working in that connection to become even better in sharing insight and knowledge of good ideas and best practices across sectors and institutions in the public sector.

Fun Fact

Struensee & Co. Stay in Struenseegård in Magstræde, Copenhagen – a building that is over 250 years old. Our offices include the apartment Johann Friedrich Struensee lived in part of his time in Copenhagen, and an exact copy of this in original decoration can be found at the National Museum’s permanent exhibition.

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Struensee & Co.

Struensee & Co. assists senior leaders in identifying and implementing permanent improvements in the public sector.

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