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At our headquarters in Copenhagen, we are looking for a newly trained technician for running servers, networks and infrastructure maintenance in Netcompany Operations. The candidate we are looking for is newly educated, or has a few years of experience with Windows or Linux server technologies, and can solve tasks that span management of both virtual and physical servers, as well as network maintenance and IT infrastructure in general.

Netcompany has gone from start up in 2000 to heavyweight in the Danish IT industry. Even though we have 1750 employees, we are proud that we have been able to maintain a culture of high agility, low hierarchy, fast decision-making and, above all, a unique relationship across the company. We have many different customers – from smaller private companies to large projects for the public sector. As an IT technician, you will make a noticeable difference with the sharpest colleagues in the industry.

A challenging and exciting everyday life

Netcompany Operations is our operating organization with approx. 100 skilled technicians. Here you will be part of the infrastructure group, which has total responsibility for Netcompany’s overall IT infrastructure.

As an infrastructure technician at Netcompany Operations, you will have exciting and challenging tasks in all areas of Netcompany’s infrastructure. This applies to both installation and configuration of servers, Powershell automation, network maintenance and infrastructure in general. Your tasks will as a rule be:

  • Enter into daily operations of Netcompany’s total infrastructure
  • Maintain, improve and manage Netcompany’s infrastructure platform
  • Solve tasks according to security and patching of infrastructure
  • Establish servers and networks for projects and deliveries in Netcompany
  • Enter in close collaboration with network, storage and backup specialists


Our business is geared to make you more skilled

In Netcompany, we are proud to say that IT people are leading IT people. It also means that Netcompany consists of well-educated and keen enthusiasts who want to be some of the best in their field. Your daily life will be characterized by inputs and knowledge sharing with skilled colleagues, whom you can share views with, ask for advice and learn from. With us, the question is the source of empowerment, so you must be curious and not hold back.

In order to keep an eye on your development, you will receive feedback on your performance twice a year. From day one in Netcompany, you will also be associated with a mentor who you can discuss your development and career with, and which you can also share views with on your professional interests. As we are only interested in the development of our employees, we work hard to ensure that you constantly have the best framework for professional development and proficiency.

Become our new colleague

We are busy and wish us even more skilled colleagues who can help us to be proud of what we are building. We imagine that you are newly educated or have a few years of experience as Computer, Computer, or equivalent, where you have worked with server or network management and find it interesting.

In addition, we imagine that you:

  • Possess basic knowledge about Microsoft technologies, Linux servers, VMware and networks
  • Is self-propelled, operational-oriented and not afraid to assume responsibility
  • Is adept at planning, structuring and documenting your work
  • Have a clear commitment and want to learn and make a difference
  • Speaks and writes fluent Danish


It is a prerequisite for your employment that you can obtain and maintain a PET security

We take responsibility for your development and career

There is a simple reason why we will be entrusted with some of Denmark’s most significant projects. We deliver every time, and it’s all because we have the industry’s most talented employees, all of which have code under the nails and a great IT-technical understanding. We can guarantee that you will be part of a team that can match your professional level.

When you start with us, you start a course at Netcompany Academy. We believe that continuous education throughout your career is central to ensuring optimal development and learning. Netcompany Academy is thus far more extensive than a traditional education or graduate course. Through our academy you will develop much faster than anywhere else in the industry. In close cooperation with your mentor, you will be given the opportunity to try out different tasks, roles and customers, so that you can influence your career in Netcompany.

Nobody prioritizes the social higher than us

In Netcompany we have a unique relationship. There is no place in the IT industry that prioritizes social higher than us. From legendary parties, friday bars and team events, to sports clubs, gaming nights, wakeboarding and much more. The community and the unity ensure that we can deliver the best solutions. We believe that we perform best when we know each other well and have fun together.

Are you ready to take your career the next step?

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All qualified candidates are invited to apply regardless of sex, race, age, religion or ethnicity.

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