Read what Benedikte from Demant think is the biggest challenge to success in the Demant Graduate Program

We sat down with Benedikte who just started as a Business Graduate at Demant.  Today the Demant Group operates in a global market with companies in more than 30 countries, employs more than 14,000 staff and generates annual revenue of DKK 14 billion. Demant is currently recruiting their next batch of talents – have a look at the Global Operations role here and the full list of Demant Graduate Programme tracks here



Why did you choose to apply for the Graduate Program?

“Coming from university I was interested in getting a wide toolbox and explore my skills and competences in different roles, trying to widen my scope, try roles I did not expect to see myself in, and get a comprehensive holistic understanding and view of the company. Also, I have a big interest in the hearing aid sector, Denmark is so skilled in producing world leading hearing aids, and I wanted to be a part of that. “


What has been the top 3 things about the program so far?

1 The extensive network I have built in the company.

2 The cross-organizational knowledge that I have acquired.

3 The projects and opportunities I have gotten so far. I know I would not have gotten that outside of the graduate program.


What has been the biggest challenge during the programme?

“To limit yourself and decide on a development strategy. To be honest, you have an abundance of choice and opportunities, and you, together with HR and your relevant manager, need to identify what way you want to go. We all strive to get a broad business understanding, which you can get from going to Finance, International Sales, Operations, and IT or by being in both Retail and Wholesale, or in different business segments. There are so many options, that you need to make a choice. It can be quite difficult turning your back on some of the opportunities.”


What’s the most important thing to succeed in the program?

“You need to keep a positive and open spirit and keep seeing the opportunities in the program. It can be hard to change departments, colleagues, and projects every 6 months. You need to start over, prove yourself and build up new relationships. If you keep seeing this as an opportunity to learn more, build even more relationships in the company, and always be curious then you will succeed.”


Any advice for new applications?

“Be yourself in the application process, identify why you are applying for the graduate program: “why does it fit with your personality and ambitions?”, and lastly select a company where you see yourself working for their purpose. You will work a lot, do it for a company that you are proud to work for.”


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