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The ATP Group is Denmark’s largest pension and insurance company. We provide solutions for almost all citizens and businesses in Denmark. ATP is one of Europe’s largest pension companies.

We are driven to achieve basic economic security for our customers. This applies regardless of where in the organization we are and what tasks we take care of.

We are here to make sure all of Denmark economically because security. We dare to break new ground in security and pension world. We will fight to eliminate the complicated and heavy. We make it easy and safe for the individual. Simplicity and high returns to ensure world – again and again.

Working at ATP

As an employee of ATP, you help to make a difference.

ATP has for many years been working to create a world-class workplace. For us it’s as natural to invest in the employees’ market and well as in equities, bonds and other investment classes.

We have repeatedly been named the best large workplace and Europe’s second best workplace. We are an attractive employer in order to attract and retain talented managers and employees. It is common sense to the bottom line.

Motivated, committed, proud and competent employees provide the greatest value for customers – and for effective product development. That is exactly why we ATP ambitious goals for employee satisfaction. And that is objective which is part of our business plan.

Strong leaders create satisfaction

We have a philosophy that each individual must feel seen, heard and understood. This means that the ATP requires great management and that managers are assessed in a survey of employee satisfaction once a year.

Our social responsibility as a workplace is not just about attracting and retaining talented managers and employees. It’s also about getting all talents. Therefore, we also focus on getting exposed group integrated in the labor market.


The ATP Group is Denmark's largest pension and insurance company.

  • Rank: 18
  • Company size: 1000
  • Global: No
  • Graduate program: Yes
  • Intern program: Yes

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