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Company description

DONG Energy is an integrated energy company with leading market positions in Denmark and other key areas of Northern Europe. DONG Energy A/S is a holding company and is incorporated in Denmark. Over the past few years, DONG Energy has shifted its focus from natural gas sourcing, wholesale, exploration, and gas and oil production to becoming an integrated energy company with activities across the value chain. Four primary business segments DONG Energy has organised reporting into four major business segments.

Business segments
Exploration & Production Exploration & Production explores for and produces oil and gas. The activities are focused in the waters around Denmark, Norway, the UK (West of Shetland area), the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Generation Generation produces power and heat from efficient, flexible power stations and renewable energy sources. Generation is a market leader in the construction and operation of offshore wind farms and clean coal technology. Energy Markets Energy Markets optimises DONG Energy’s energy portfolio, forming the link between the Group’s procurement and sale of energy. Energy Markets sells gas and power to wholesale customers and trades on energy exchanges. Sales & Distribution Sales & Distribution sells gas, power and related products to private customers, companies and public institutions in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. Sales & Distribution operates the gas distribution network and power grids, gas storage facility and oil pipeline owned by DONG Energy in Denmark.

Working at DONG Energy

DONG Energy aspires to be one of Europe’s leading energy companies with a reputation for turning deep know-how into enduring solutions. DONG Energy is focused on:

  • Guaranteeing a reliable supply of energy
  • Minimising the environmental impact as DONG Energy transform natural resources into energy for our customers
  • Acting responsibly to ensure sufficient energy supplies, not only for this generation, but also for generations to come
  • Maintaining ongoing accountability in their strategies, ongoing decision-making, and day-to-day conduct
  • The Danish society, in which DONG Energy is rooted, requires a highly reliable energy supply and demands that DONG Energy is accountable to fellow human beings, the environment, and the markets in which they operate. With their core values – result-oriented, responsible and responsive – as their point of departure, DONG Energy strives to live up to these expectations every day.


Orsted aspires to be one of Europe’s leading energy companies

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