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Nykredit – an attractive and challenging workplace


Nykredit is one of Denmark’s leading financial service providers with banking and mortgage lending as core business areas. We focus on new thinking and finding innovative solutions that grow and expand our business areas.

We are one of Denmark’s most attractive and challenging workplaces, having almost 5,000 of the most skilled employees in Denmark today. We are proud of our performance-oriented culture, which offers a clear career path for our staff. All staff members know what we expect from them and how their personal contribution affects the Group’s results.

Creating a platform for students in Denmark to develop through professional and relevant job experience. We challenge and entrust all our students with responsibilities, preparing them for full-time jobs after their studies. A combination of education and practical experience helps create highly qualified profiles for the Danish labour market. Ultimately, this focus underpins Nykredit’s ambition of attracting and retaining the best staff in Denmark.


Working at Nykredit


Everybody in Nykredit is different, but the things that unite the employess – from student assistant to director – is the informal professionalism and the ability to find sustainable solutions.

For Nykredit’s employees it means a work environment based on strong relationships and respect for what everybody want – and where they want to go. Personal ambition and need for continuous development become the points of departure of a career in Nykredit.

Nykredit acknowledges that good performance is dependent on balance between work and leisure and the Employer offers a range of services that can provide the proper basis for a healthy and as developed everyday.


Nykredit Graduate – talent for development

As a graduate at Nykredit you are offered the opportunity to kick-start your career. We reward competence with responsibility, commitment with opportunities. But only if you have top-level competencies and are capable of generating results.

The Nykredit Graduate Programme is a stepping stone for newly graduated and career-minded economists. We are well aware that development should not be taken for granted. And that growth requires dedicated work. Therefore, the Nykredit Graduate Programme has been prepared in great respect of both.

So, if you have a Master’s degree in for instance Economics or Finance and Auditing, and if you are more talented, skilled and ambitious than others in your network, you will be given great challenges at a company that is both attractive and demanding at the same time.


Nykredit Graduate is an accelerated development programme running for 12 months with great focus on on-the-job training.


Throughout these 12 months you will be assigned to one specific department and have one specific mentor, but you will also be working in several other units. This will broaden your business understanding and provide specific insight into how we deliver our strategies and obtain results.

Apart from the crucial on-the-job training, the programme comprises a mix of base camps, webinars and networks. In each phase, you will be assigned a case to be solved either alone or together with other graduates. The graduate programme ends after 12 months and is your career path to a permanent job.

Nykredit is a modern knowledge-based enterprise and one of the biggest financial service providers in Denmark. We create financial sustainability within banking, mortgage lending, pension, insurance, investment and estate agency business. We are proud to have built a performance-oriented culture that offers clear career paths. All staff members know what we expect from them and how their personal contribution affects the overall results.

As a Nykredit Graduate you are given a fantastic opportunity to grow your talent and launch an exciting and challenging career.


Nykredit study cases

Through a mentoring scheme, study cases, prize awards and networks, Nykredit focuses on students with a long-term higher education, and you will benefit from a breadth of opportunities. Nykredit study cases are offered to students who are interested in having a Nykredit staff member as a sparring partner when writing a paper during their bachelor, master’s or graduate diploma programme.

The relationship between the students and Nykredit will create a highly professional sphere by combining theory and practice.


Denmarks Leading Financial Services Group

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  • Rank: 3
  • Company size: 1000
  • Global: Yes
  • Graduate program: Yes
  • Intern program: Yes

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