As a graduate in IT, you are about to kick-start your career towards the forefront of technology-driven solutions and IT management. Immerse yourself in hands-on expertise, through training, dedicated mentors, and a great network, as you help orchestrate cutting-edge solutions throughout our IT organisation.

Our IT Graduate Programme is a dynamic two-year opportunity designed to kick-start your career right after graduation, allowing you to specialise and grow in your chosen field. After the programme your journey will continue in Arla IT.

About Arla’s IT Graduate Programme?
You are about to embark on a journey that will propel your career and expertise in your chosen field of interest. You will have the opportunity to:

  1. Enhance your skills and competencies with us. We offer tailored certifications and licenses in your area of interest, supporting your professional profile. Choose a specialist conference to fuel your passion and benefit from dedicated mentorship, to guide and support you all the way.

  1. Join our graduate network, where you will enrich your personal and professional life. The IT Graduate Programme is one of Arla’s five graduate programs, all including talents in multiple areas located all over the world. The network will broaden your horizon and you will share the experiences together.  

  1. Experience Arla Culture through travel, learning, and collaboration. Benefit from training in personal development and gain insights and support in understanding your unique personality and use this as a driving force for personal growth.

What will make you a successful IT graduate?

First and foremost, we are looking for candidates who possess a curious mindset. We are open to various educational backgrounds, so what truly matters is your motivation for personal and professional growth within your field of interest and your desire to become our future IT expert shaping the future of Arla’s cutting-edge tech solutions. Further, you:

  • Aspire to pursue a career in IT
  • Live in Denmark or Poland or willing to relocate 
  • Hold a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree completed no more than one year before the start of the IT graduate program in September 2024

What do we offer?
Dive into the links below to explore the opportunities within our exciting areas of Arla’s IT Graduate Programme:

Software Development and Data Science/Engineering – Aarhus  (Read more and apply) or Poland (Read more and apply)

As a software development graduate, you will unleash your potential in building applications. You will work with backend technologies like .NET and C#, front-end frameworks (React, Angular), and analytics tools (Python, SQL, R). As part of the software development area, security is highly prioritized, ensuring robust infrastructure – an exciting path if this is within your passion.

As a Data Scientist/Engineering graduate, you will utilize state-of-the-art models and algorithms to gain valuable insights from data and solve critical business problems using new data-driven technologies. You will drive the best practices in cloud-based infrastructure and services and deliver data and advanced analytics across Arla’s value chain to enable colleagues to utilize data.

Technology Business Development Engineer – Aarhus (Read more and apply)

As tech business development graduate, you will drive innovation while navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape. Excel in product/IT application, project management, change management, and cross-functional collaboration. Bridge IT and production to ensure systems meet production requirements and integrate technology with machinery and operation management.

User Experience – Aarhus (Read more and apply)

As UX graduate, you will play a pivotal role in creating exceptional user experiences that directly impact our customers and colleagues. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create best-in-class user experiences by conducting user research, usability testing, creating user flows, facilitating workshops, and implementing design principles to enhance our digital products and services.

Arla Futures – our global graduate universe

As a graduate in Arla Foods, you become a part of Arla Futures – our global network across all our graduate programmes in the organisation. Together, you will embark on an exciting journey towards an impactful career in Arla Foods.  

We offer a comprehensive platform designed to kick-start your professional growth, featuring structured trainings, invaluable mentorship, and an extensive network of fellow graduates. You will play a significant role in shaping our future and guiding the organisation in the right direction. 

Application and contact
You are more than welcome to apply for one or more IT areas via the above links.  Our recruitment process is ongoing and designed to identify your potential to become one of our graduates in IT while also helping you decide if Arla Foods is the perfect match for you.

Feel free to contact Josefine Franklin Hansen at if you have any questions about the IT Graduate Programme. To find relevant information, please visit our site.

We have a purpose for Good

At Arla, we strive to unlock the highest potential in each other while working together to create a sustainable future of dairy. We call it Stronger People Stronger Planet and it is deeply anchored in our organisation and founded on our commitment to respecting human rights, increasing access to healthy dairy nutrition, inspiring good food habits, and improving the environment for future generations. In order to succeed we need to hire people with a sustainable mindset. Could this be you?

Application deadline: Ongoing Starting date: 02-09-2024