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As a graduate of Totalkredit, you will receive responsibility from day one. Your responsibility will grow in step with your professional and personal development, and you will quickly have the opportunity to characterize Totalkredit’s business. We have high ambitions for our products, digital tools, communication and data. We expect you – like our other colleagues – to take an active part in the development of Totalkredit, so that we maintain our position as market leader.

Our graduate program

As a graduate of the Nykredit Group, you are going through an intensive learning process. Our targeted development program and mentoring ensures that there is a focus on you and your development both through the graduate course and subsequently. You will experience a steep learning curve that makes you quickly ready to take on ever greater responsibility and put your fingerprint on Totalkredit’s development.

Our graduate course lasts 12 months and you are permanently employed from day one. Throughout the process, you will be permanently affiliated with the Management & Reporting department, which is part of Totalkredit. From here you will come to short internships in other of the Nykredit Group’s departments to strengthen your knowledge of the business across the board.

Your new position

You will become part of a competent team in Management & Reporting, where we creates insight to the management and to partners in Totalkredit. Insight into earnings, loan types and their distribution by geography, age, etc. We attach importance to working with the other departments in our large organization, and this is done through open dialogue and with a good mood. As a graduate in Totalkredit, your tasks include: to:

– make data extracts and analyzes that support the business and support decisions; including data extracts for internal analyzes and management reporting to Totalkredit’s Executive Board and Board of Directors, as well as the 54 cooperating banks’ executive boards and area managers


– Connect Totalkredit’s own data with external data and prepare data analyzes that show trends and create business opportunities through visualizations in eg Power BI and Tableau


– build and maintain data extracts from different databases


– participate in projects where reporting and data warehouse play a central role


– work on optimizing processes and coordinating data deliveries across the group


– ensure a good data base in close collaboration with the Group’s IT department.


Your skills

It is a requirement that you complete your Master’s degree program this summer or have completed it in the last year. In addition, you are a performance oriented team player with winning mentality. You are persistent and want to go the extra mile for the customer, the cooperating banks, the project, the group and Totalkredit. Likewise, you love working with data and working structured.


You have an interest in working with SQL, and if you have experience with eg SAS, Power BI, Tableau and / or VBA, then you are one step ahead. Ideally, you have experience in analyzing large amounts of data, but at least you have the courage to learn it. You understand that data creates business value if we use it correctly. At the same time you are analytically sharp and good at communicating – and then you take pride in delivering a finished and worked-through product.


A career that is always moving

“We will prioritize the development and opportunities of the employees who want and can. We will be known for a trusting culture characterized by customer orientation, team spirit and drive ”.


This is the promise we have made to our employees. We recognize and appreciate the extra effort, ambitions, will and co-operation skills. Then you will and can, we guarantee you a career that is always on the way to new challenges and greater responsibility. In the Nykredit Group, we are experiencing major changes, partly due to new regulation and increased digitization. It places demands on us as a company and as a workplace – and for you as an employee. In addition, we would like to move even closer to our customers – we actually have a goal of being the best for customers – and we therefore measure you on the difference you make for their lives, finances and dreams.


You can read more about the Nykredit Group’s graduate program at


Are you interested?

Are you one of our new graduation talents? Then search for the position online. If you have any questions about the position, please contact department manager Mathias Skou, 44 55 11 87 or senior recruitment partner Tine Wilhelmsen, 44 55 57 89.


We look forward to receiving your application, your CV and your exam grades.

Application deadline: March 3, 2019

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