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Are you ready to kick start your career in an environment characterized by the big bank’s opportunities and the small bank’s movement? Then we can offer an intensive learning process and a unique chance to gain a broad insight into how to handle the risk in a large financial group. Does it sound attractive? Then it is in Nykredit’s risk department that you have to start your career as a graduate.


Kickstart your career as a graduate

As a graduate of Nykredit, you are going through an intensive learning process. Our targeted development program and mentoring ensures that there is focus on you and your development throughout the course and after. You will experience a steep learning curve that will make you quickly ready to take even more responsibility and put your fingerprint on our development.

Our graduate course lasts 12 months and you are permanently employed from day one. Throughout the process you will be permanently affiliated with the Risk Analysis department, which is part of the business area Risk. From here you will get out on short internships in other departments to strengthen your knowledge of the business across the board.

Your new position

In Risk we work broadly with Nykredit’s overall risk assessments and analyzes. Our work is part of the Group’s risk management, which is why we are in close dialogue with the top management. We must partly give the management an overview of the group’s overall risks and partly give our outside world an understanding of Nykredit’s risk profile and appetite.

In the financial sector, there has been an increasing focus on risk management, and as a systemically important institute (SIFI), Nykredit is subject to advanced requirements, so that much will be learned. Our tasks cover both bank and mortgage credit, and with a planned turnaround in the areas of market risk, counterparty risk, validation and risk reporting, you are ensured a broad experience base in risk management. You will also have a tour of a slightly longer duration in the department that works with the development of our value-at-risk models in the market risk area.


Your tasks will be:

  • convey risks to the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and committees
  • calculate and report counterparty and market risk
  • validate and develop market risk models
  • enter into a dialogue with the business on the risks
  • implement new legislation.



Your skills

It is a requirement that you complete your financial or financial graduate program this summer or have completed it within the last year. In addition, we expect you to have a natural and in-depth interest in the financial markets and risk management. Last but not least, it is necessary that you are equipped with solid analytical skills and are a strong written communicator.

A career that is always moving

“We will prioritize the development and opportunities of the employees who want and can. We will be known for a trusting culture characterized by customer orientation, team spirit and drive ”.

This is the promise we have made to our employees. We recognize and appreciate the extra effort, ambitions, will and co-operation skills. Then you will and can, we guarantee you a career that is always moving towards new challenges and greater responsibility. In Nykredit, we also experience major changes, partly due to new regulation and increased digitization. It places demands on us as a company and as a workplace – and for you as an employee. In addition, we would like to move even closer to our customers – we actually have a goal of being the best for customers – and we therefore measure you on the difference you make for their lives, finances and dreams.

You can read more about Nykredit and our graduate program at

Are you interested?

Are you one of our new graduation talents? Then search for the position online. If you have any questions about the position, please contact department manager Thomas Kyhl, 44 55 11 77 or senior recruitment partner Jennifer Andersen, 44 55 18 62.

We look forward to receiving your application, your CV and your exam grades.

Application deadline: March 3, 2019

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