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Are you ambitious, talented, and looking to fast-forward your engineering career in the medical device industry? And are you looking for a graduate position where your efforts really matter? Then this position might be ideal for you!

Ambu is a company with ambitious growth targets. We develop, produce and sell innovative medical devices that enable doctors and nurses to save lives on a daily basis. Our ability to continue to identify and develop innovative products is essential for continuous growth within our business areas and we are currently experiencing massive success.

In this challenging two-year graduate position, you will contribute actively to Ambu’s success within the development of our exciting single-use endoscopes. We want to continue our position as the world leader in single-use endoscopy. To cement that position, we work to further develop the camera technologies inside the endoscopes and the hardware and software in the display units. You will be working in four different departments where you will focus on camera technology and hardware/software implementation and you will work towards realizing new miniature technologies on the cutting edge of what is possible. You will be part of a dynamic innovation culture characterised by a strong team spirit. Our Global Innovation team consists of more than 160 people located at our headquarters in Ballerup. 



A technical graduate program with responsibilities
As a Technology Engineering Graduate at Ambu, you will have a unique opportunity to get a holistic view of the entire product development process – from the early explorative phases to product launch. We cannot promise you that you will be actively involved in all phases. However, you will work in several of our product development areas and take on different roles during your work. In addition, you will also have other tasks related to the departments to ensure that you get a holistic view of how we develop a medical device. 

We offer a challenging and fun 2-years graduate program where you will be an important player on the innovation team. You will participate in securing our ongoing dedication to bringing new quality products to the market. 

You will be part of four different departments:
1)    Technology Research & Image Processing: (Assist in the development of AI solutions to enhance the usage of single-use endoscopes. Assist in the development and testing)?
2)    Displaying Units Module: Assist in designing and testing the camera interfaces in the displaying units to support the different camera technologies 
3)    Image processing Module: Assist in designing camera modules with a focus on the Sensor and imaging part, by participation in the image processing and camera development activities.  
4)    Software Module: Assist in programming and testing the firmware/software to support the camera interfaces and camera technologies. 


You will have a mix of different assignments in the different departments but you will also have your own continuous assignment regarding relevant technology (e.g. Electronic design, Firmware/Software, Optics, image processing, and AI)  to ensure a connected link in your 2-year program. 

You will begin as an Ambu graduate in September 2021 and you will become a permanent employee from day one. At the end of the graduate program, you may continue your career in Ambu, most likely in one of the areas that you worked with during your graduate program. You can read more about the program on 



Strong team player performer with high technical skills

We are looking for an energetic graduate who wants to kick start his or her career and who is willing to go the extra mile for a promissing career in the medtech industry. 

It is required that you are about to graduate, or that you have graduated no more than 2 years ago, with a relevant engineering Master’s degree. Additionally, you also have to have excellent academic achievements from your studies. 

As a person, you are rounded, curious, and hardworking with outstanding interpersonal skills. In Global Innovation we are dependant on good team spirit and working relationships so being a team player who has a strong drive and passion is vital for the position. You are well-structured with strong analytical skills and you have the ability to go into details when it is appropriate and to take a more holistic view when it is required.
As you will be working with users across the world it is vital that you are fluent in written and oral English. 



How to apply
If you are ready to apply for the position, please apply as soon as possible and no later than 5th March 2021. 

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