2020 Guide – Graduate Programs In Denmark

It’s finally here – the 2020 guide to all Graduate Programs in Denmark. We have collected more than 300 graduate positions from more than 60 employers in Denmark. This is the most complete overview of graduate jobs in Denmark to date and will ensure you won’t miss any of the deadlines!


The programs are spread out across Denmark and welcomes applications from almost all study directions


  • Click here to see the list of 2020 Graduate Programs


Below is a snippet of some of the companies you can find in the guide:
In the guide you can find details such as: 


  • Link to the open positions
  • Application deadline & start date
  • Duration of the program
  • Number of rotations (if there are international rotations included)
  • Company and application process information
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Insights into graduates, companies, programmes and recruiters

If you want to learn more about being a graduate, you can find our insight pages on a long list of companies with graduate programmes. These pages gives you a combination of general company information and specific graduate program information followed with insights from talent acquisition managers and graduates enrolled in the program.  
See for example Graduateships’ file on Novo Nordisk. Here you will find interviews with current graduates Max, working in finance, and Nicolas, working in marketing.
You can also find all the information gathered on Novo Nordisk as a company and their graduate programme specifically. 
Finally, the page includes insights from former Novo Nordisk graduate programme manager Caroline Sehested, which can give create the edge you need to make it into one of the most competitive graduate schemes in Denmark. She covers a broad number of themes, including how a great program should be designed, and how you identify which programs you should apply for.