About Us

Welcome to Graduateships!

We are a group of University students (some current, some former) who have gotten together to solve an issue we have all faced. Transparency in the job market for graduates. 


While there are a lot of job boards, some better than others, none are offering a complete overview of graduate opportunities such as graduate programmes and internships. We wan’t to offer students the full picture. But more than just create overview of job positions, we also strive to create a general overview of top graduate employers to make company research and comparison simpler.


The problem we have faced with all other job boards is that they:

(1) does not offer an overview specifically tailored for graduates

(2) Charge companies to list on their job board which limits the number of companies/jobs on it and therefore is not complete

Hopefully Graduateships will help students and graduates to find their dream graduate programme or at least proves useful as a research tool