Our Mission

We are a group of University students (some current, some former) who have gotten together to solve an issue we have all faced. Transparency in the job market for students and graduates.

While there are a lot of job boards, some better than others, none are offering a complete overview of graduate opportunities such as graduate programmes and entry-level roles. We want to offer students the full picture. We do this by publishing annual guides that provides students with the necessary overview.

We also want to move beyond the obvious, and often generic, job and company descriptions. We want to go one level deeper to truly understand the people that work there and get the insights that really matters when graduates make decisions on what companies to work for.

Hopefully Graduateships will help students and graduates to find their dream graduate programme or at least proves useful as a research tool.

2016 Year Founded
1.000+ Graduate Jobs Posted
229 Companies Registred
100.000 Avg Yearly Unique Visits

The Team

Palle Broe

CEO & Founder


Palle Broe


The Advisors

Martin Klint

Director Novo Nordisk, Member of Jury Venture Cup

Caroline Sehested

Talent Innovator, Strategic Advisor & Keynote Speaker

Companies We Helped