Jonathan CGI Graduate: Solving technical challenges for customers

11/01/2023 Graduateships Min.

Intro to Jonathan Karlsson

My educational background is within Computer Engineering (MSc Software) and I have both my Bachelors- and Masters degree from Aalborg University. I learnt about CGI through a former, fellow student and through his words of praise. I work as a Technical Consultant in CGI’s Application Operations and I have worked at CGI since september 2020.

How did you end up at the Graduate Programme?

I heard about the talent program at a career fair in Gigantium, Aalborg. I was interested in working with Linux systems, cloud as well as container orchestration. This is what I was promised for my position, and it is exactly what I ended up working with. I graduated the CGI talent program in September 2021.


What attracted you to the programme?

A talent program seemed to be a comforting way to start my career. CGI offers a 1-year talent program where different modules and workshops are planned to teach you the ways of working within a big IT consulting company. Additionally, I was interested in the insight it would give me into the global CGI business, since we would be working closely with people from other countries’ business units.


What has surprised you the most about working at the company?

There is no micromanagement, and you are encouraged to work with the technologies that you are most interested in. We are given a high level of freedom to choose our own work hours, where to work from, and what to work with, which I think is second to none. To this day, I know that if I am interested in shifting work-focus or want to work with different tasks then my manager would help me with the transition.


How do you see your future with the company?

As I see myself outgrowing the tasks that I work with currently, I am in active dialogue with my leader to take on additional complexity and responsibility. This way I can continue my career in CGI and keep developing my skills.


We are given a high level of freedom to choose our own work hours, where to work from, and what to work with, which I think is second to none
Jonathan Karlsson, Graduate

What is your “Super Power” / what are you really good at?

I am a Kubernetes Wizard.


Any advice for new applicants?

Be clear and specific about your interests when you apply. This way CGI has the best foundation for finding the best match within the business. This way they can make sure that your interests and skills can unfold and be developed further and that you can thrive in CGI. Having a sparring partner or mentor that knows what your interests and ambitions are will be a big benefit to starting your career and keeping your motivation up.