Emelie: In my view, passion and cultural fit are just as important as good grades

Emelie is former graduate at Centrica Energy Trading. Based out of Aalborg, the company offers one of the most exciting graduate programmes and are currently recruiting their next top talents. We had the opportunity to sit down with Emelie to hear all about her experience so far! Read more about the programme here.


Why did you choose to apply to Centrica Energy Trading (formerly Neas Energy) Graduate Program?


“I was actually not determined to necessarily apply for a graduate program when I started looking for full-time positions. I was pretty open to most positions, but wanted to work within my field of expertise which at that time was controlling. I then more or less by accident saw the position and thought it sounded like a great opportunity. Once I started to do more research into Centrica Energy Trading, I was very intrigued by the fact that it was within the Energy industry where I was currently working for another company. I love that energy is so complex and that we have far from resolved it on a global basis – there is still so much progress to be made. In addition then Centrica Energy Trading had an international profile with many colleagues not hailing from Denmark, as a Swede that was quite nice.


How is the program structured?


“The graduate program lasts 2 years and is divided into 3 different rotations of 8 months each. My first rotation was in trading where I worked as a scheduler in their trade support and development department as well as focusing on new markets and products. For my 2nd rotation I have been working in business controlling which was what I initially thought I would do when I was still studying. It has been a very good experience as well. Currently I’m based in our Route to Market department where I’m sitting in our front office and learning about the ‘front page’ to our supply chain.


In general I would say that the company is very accommodating when it comes to moving around internally in the company. They really try to make sure you get to work on the things you find most exciting. Finally then you have the option to go abroad and work in our headquarter in London if that is something you are keen on”


What has been the top 3 things about the program so far?


“Hmm that’s difficult, there have been so many highlights, but I would say the network, breadth of knowledge and the atmosphere at work:


  1. Strong Network: I feel I have gotten such a strong network in the entire company. Through various tasks and the program itself I have been fortunate enough to create strong relationships across the organisation. I think having a strong network of people mean you can work in a very effective way.
  2. Breadth of knowledge: I have learned things I never thought I would learn. It has been great to get exposure to so many different areas in the business and gain a broad range of knowledge. I feel very confident I could go to many parts of the business and succeed due to this.
  3. Work atmosphere: The atmosphere in the office is really great. You really look forward to going to work and interact with your colleagues.The tone is positive and there is a great team spirit.



I know you only asked for 3 things, but I also need to mention the close mentorship with the HR department whom are always there to help you out or discuss things you might be going through. This is really valuable as a graduate as this is likely your first full-time job which can be quite overwhelming at times.


What’s the most important thing to succeed in the program?


“I think you have to be genuinely passionate about the energy industry otherwise I think it will be difficult to process so much new knowledge. Then I also think you need to be very open towards the whole experience as a graduate. You will be in so many new situations that it’s difficult to prepare for it. However as long as you have an open mind and embrace all the new impressions you will do well!”


What has been the worst thing about the program so far?


“Personally I have found it quite challenging to be rotating between departments. It can be draining to have to learn new people just when you have really started to get the hang of things in your previous rotation. Sometimes I wish that I was able to stay just a bit longer in the department.”


Where in the business would you like to go afterwards?


“I haven’t really had the chance to make up my mind, I have really enjoyed all departments, so I’m not really sure yet.”


Any advice for new applications?


“Yes! So the first conversation when I applied was an interview with HR and I think it’s super important to stay true to yourself here and make sure you represent yourself as good as you possible can. You don’t need to try and present yourself in the way that you think they would like. This also goes for the personality and IQ tests – it’s super important to ensure you are answering in a way that is true to who you are. The company is looking for graduates from a variety of backgrounds so just believe in yourself. Having good grades is obviously a plus, however from what I have seen then the personality is also a very important aspect of who they decide to let through!”


What would you have like to have known back then that you know now (about the whole application process?


“To iterate what I said above, then I think the tests can be quite intimidating, but you should always remember to be true to yourself and not think too much on what you think the company would want you to answer. Then I also think it’s really important to show you are passionate about Centrica Energy Trading and the industry.


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