New twoday owners has high ambitions: “We want to triple our annual revenue within 5 years”

About twoday

With more than 2,200 employees and 8,000 customers, we are one of the largest IT consulting and software solutions companies in the Nordics. To put it simply, we help people create value in a complex landscape of digital transformation.


Leading the digital transformations is no easy task. That is why all of our employees are on the forefront combining strong skills with drive, adaptability and a big heart.

Together, we make a difference today – and prepare ourselves, clients and society for what tomorrow will bring.


twoday was established in 2022 when 22 former Visma companies from the division Visma Custom Solution separated from Visma. Visma Custom Solutions primary focus was on consulting and IT-solutions. The business model in a consulting centric business is quite different from Vismas focus on standard SaaS software, and both parties believed that Visma and twoday would be even more successful as separate companies.

Describe what twoday is and what makes you special


We are an international community with more than 2.200 people, who want to make an impact in our society and social cultural communities. We develop value based IT- solutions that make people’s everyday lives a little easier. We work with some of the biggest public institutions. You may know us from the digital driver’s license or health security card. 


We love optimization, from saving time and resources to improving results, whether it’s to help control the fishing quota or digitize an infrastructure. We love what we do.


We are now twoday instead of Visma. And the process has been exciting. Working with change while change is happening is a rewarding experience. We have established a strong foundation of who we are and what impact we want to make.


Focusing on our key competencies to embrace change through technology is in our hearts at twoday, it is what drives us, and with adaptability as a core value, we are always ready for change. It is the only constant in the world, and accepting and embracing that is making it easier for everybody, our people and our clients. 


How would you describe your culture?


Our culture revolves around our people. We deliver solutions to people, made by people. Therefore it is our people, who make us who we are, which is why one of our key values is heart. We truly believe that if we put our hearts in our work, we deliver something we are proud and passionate about and that ultimately constitutes a better product in the end.


We also have a very casual and down to earth culture. We have a variety of social arrangements, everything from spinning to listening and discussing the newest tech-podcast.


A lot of our IT-consultants come from very different educational backgrounds, and that gives interesting and new perspectives both in our solutions and culture. This means that we are able to use each other’s competencies differently within our organisation and at social-get-togethers.

What kind of clients do you work with?


We deliver IT-solutions to the public and private sector and specialise in tailored IT-solutions. We both work on complex multi-vendor set-ups and with clients who need digital software services, such as Addo Sign.


What sets twoday apart from other consulting companies


twoday is all about the people. We value our people and collaboration, it is a big part of our culture and nature. In fact, that is the reason behind our name. The “two” in twoday represents partnerships with customers and togetherness among our employees. ”Two” also represents equality, teamwork and cooperation between people.


We have a big age diversity which constitutes a great social setting and an even better professional setting. Learning from a more experienced colleague and getting new insights to new technologies from a younger colleague, is something we really value and appreciate.


With that said, we just have a great togetherness, and that is something even our clients can feel. We also have a great connection and collaboration culture with our sister companies, which gives us a great internal ecosystem, where we can learn and spare with each other.