Rokas Sutkus, WS Audiology Graduate: It’s motivating and rewarding contributing to helping people through my work

Intro to the graduate

I received my Master’s degree in International Marketing and Management with a Minor in Data in Business from Copenhagen Business School. My work experience includes stints at a number of industries: brewing, furniture manufacturing, transportation, and medical technology industries.

In terms of my career at WS Audiology I have had the following rotations:

  • First rotation in the Corporate Strategy department (HQ office in Denmark) 
  • Current rotation in the Corporate Finance department (HQ office in Denmark) 
  • Final rotation in the Global Marketing department (HQ office in Denmark, with two months working abroad)


How did you end up at the WSA Graduate Program?

During my Master’s studies at CBS, I have been working at WS Audiology (WSA) as a Student Assistant in the Data Strategy & Insights department. Throughout this time, I had a great opportunity to see first-hand the effort that was being exerted to grow the company, unlocking new avenues for employee development, talent attraction and more. One of these initiatives was the development of the Graduate Program. 

After meeting the first batch of WSA Graduates and hearing about the unique format of the program, including the exciting challenges and learning opportunities everyone was experiencing – I decided to apply for the second batch to start in 2022. Of course, I was very happy to receive the great news of being accepted to the program.

What attracted you to WSA as an employer?

I was always very passionate about the healthcare industry (including medical technologies). I believe that having your work contribute to helping people is very motivating and rewarding.

Additionally, as a very ambitious and purpose-driven individual, I was attracted to the strong values that WSA lives by and to WSA’s ambition of improving people’s health, well-being, and quality of life, by striving to unlock human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life. I believe, this is a very important and significant goal to have, which inspired me to apply to WSA in the first place.


What has been the highlight of being a graduate at WSA so far?

The unique opportunity of going through three different functional rotations in key departments of any organization (Strategy, Finance and Marketing), has so far provided a substantial amount of learning opportunities, which has considerably advanced my professional development.

In addition, as a Graduate in WSA, you are involved in many projects of high importance, which provides great exposure and exceptional opportunities to work with our amazing senior stakeholders (including C-level executives). Therefore, these diverse experiences in different departments and unique learning opportunities have so far been the highlight of my time as a WSA Graduate.

I was attracted to the strong values that WSA lives by and to WSA’s ambition of improving people's health, well-being, and quality of life
Rokas Sutkus, Global Graduate

What has surprised you the most about working at WSA?

After joining WSA, I was pleasantly surprised by how open-minded my colleagues and managers were. Everyone is very inviting of new ideas, and suggestions for potential improvements/changes. This has created an environment that encourages people to freely express their thoughts and proposals, which are always considered and often implemented.


Biggest challenge as a graduate so far?

I am happy to say that in WSA we have amazing stakeholders, requiring high-quality output with every task. Together with the challenging requests, they also provide a lot of guidance and mentoring, in turn, accelerating your development and helping you deal with the steep learning curve at the same time.

As a WSA Graduate, I have so far been given a lot of responsibility during various tasks, such as: developing and managing a key project within the organization, helping to create a winning strategy for one of the regions, assisting in preparing reports on WSA’s financial performance and many more. Getting involved in these important topics in a short timeframe has been challenging, although immensely rewarding.


Advice to other applicants?

Be curious, proactive, and open-minded! It will allow you to gain the most out of each rotation, contribute with new ideas and help implement them.

People in WSA are very driven to improve current ways of working and grow the company. Therefore, approaching everything with a positive mindset will allow you to make the most out of this fantastic opportunity of working with talented people in the hearing aid industry.


How do you see your future with WSA?

WSA has an amazing mission to help people with hearing loss all over the world. Therefore, I look forward to contributing to this important goal by utilizing my diverse knowledge gained through each of the rotations and through the broad network built during the program. My aim is to leverage this in a permanent position after graduating, in an area where I can have the most positive impact.