5 common mistakes people make at the job interview – Survival guide: What not to do?

09/12/2022 Graduateships Min.
your first job interview in the big company

Hooray! Your CV worked its magic and you've been called in for a job interview! Your potential employer is interested in your qualifications and experience. Make careful to prepare for the meeting ahead of time if you want to do well. A few words may spoil even the most delicate first impression. What should you avoid saying in a job interview? Make sure to steer clear of the following examples!

  1.   Don’t come in sloppily dressed

There is only one first impression you can make, and the conversation will be easier for you if it’s good. The point is not to make you stick into your suit right away but adapt your appearance to the occasion. By coming in with a rumpled shirt and dirty shoes, you make it clear that you don’t really care.

  1. Don’t be late, and certainly don’t miss the meeting

The interview is the first date with the employer. The point is to get to know each other and see if you fit together. If you are late, you are known as someone who cannot understand how the clock works, but still better than putting the other side to the wind and not making it to the meeting at all.  If you left home for the interview early enough, but a meteorite has just landed on your way, or a group of aliens has blocked the street, inform the person waiting for you about the delay and explain the situation.

  1. Don’t pretend that at 20, you have 30 years of experience

Sometimes you put some sparkly experiences into the CVs given to the interviewers that make them relevant for the position you apply for. However, during the meeting, the recruiter can ask about experience, which you had only in the realm of fantasy. Trying to quickly figure out what you could do in an imaginary position is not the best approach for getting a job.  

A lie is a silly thing you can do. It comes out instantly and basically permanently deletes your prospects in each company. But showing off the skills acquired, for example during organizing student events, is only a plus.

  1. Don’t let it feel like it doesn’t make a difference whether you are a data scientist or a sandwich master

Suppose the company was running a doughnut site and looking for someone to write articles. In that case, they’d like someone passionate about it and see nothing else. Not someone who failed to get the legal adviser apprenticeship and came to them due to lack of lacquer. If you take your first steps in professional topics, you don’t know if being an HR person is your destiny and a lifelong relationship. It’s clear because you haven’t done it yet, so how are you to know? But show your commitment to this topic and explain why you just decided to apply for this position.

If it was a date, would you like to make another appointment with someone looking for a partner who doesn’t care if it will be you or a random passer-by?

  1. Don’t say you don’t have questions. Show interest in your future job

The interview is an excellent time to discuss your options when it comes to combining work and study. And show that you really care about this position by asking about its details.