A Graduate Programme hiring Do’ers – The Danish Crown Graduate programme

What makes the Danish Crown Graduate Programme special?

One of the things which makes our programme special is our very well established support system. All the graduates have both a line manager, a mentor and their graduate buddies. I have one-to-one meetings every month with all the graduates together with coaching sessions and I let them know that my door is always open.


Our graduate programme is also a bit unique in the sense that we have a broad leadership programme. This means that we are looking for broad profiles with an interest within leadership in general and not specialists as in many of the other graduate programmes out there.



Any tips for applying to the Danish Crown graduate programme?

It is extremely important to be interested in both Danish Crown and the graduate programme. We encourage candidates to highlight what experiences they have had and the learnings from those in their CVs and in the interviews. The difference between an average applicant and a strong applicant often comes down to how well prepared they are and their motivation to join our company and leadership programme, and of cause their leadership ambitions.


At Danish Crown we are always looking to hire “do’ers”. That means being innovative, ambitious and resilient. Being a graduate at Danish Crown is not easy and it’s important that you are able to deal with the ups and downs that you will inevitably face during the programme.
Alastair Campbell, HR Manager

How is the recruitment process?


  • You apply for the programme by completing a case.
  • We then screen the case and CV, and send you a second case to solve.
  • Then we call for a first round of interviews and tests.
  • And finally we call for a second round of interviews and a third case with a business manager.


Is there anything you’d like to add?

It’s important to mention that with our graduate programme you become involved in a company that is going through a wide transformation. We are currently changing to become a more global food business. One of the positive outcomes of this is that many new initiatives across the business have been created. These are projects where our graduates will have the chance to leave their mark.

On a final note, I truly believe that we have managed to create a great graduate programme. We commit a lot of resources towards it and the feedback from our graduates and the business have been great. Best exemplified through our 100% retention rate from our most recent graduate batches.