Alexei: “Being a PwC graduate is all about understanding each other and growing as a person”

Being a graduate at PwC means experiencing professional and personal growth within a supportive community of peers

If I were to name the single best thing about being a graduate at PwC, it’s being part of a community where we support each other to find the best solutions for our clients and the society that we are all a part of.

Even before applying, I had always considered PwC as an international workplace with great opportunities for solving interesting challenges and meeting different people. Luckily, this has proven to be true, as the graduate program provides me with the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a real-world business context, collaborating with individuals from diverse mindsets and educational backgrounds.

I have really grown, not only as a professional but also as a person. You learn to interact with different people who have different ways of doing things. I find myself to be more mindful about how I interact with different types of people to find a balance between who I am and who I have in front of me.

From studying mathematics in Italy to working with tech and tax at PwC in Denmark

I studied mathematics in Italy and later moved to Denmark, to finish my studies at University of Copenhagen, where I graduated in 2022. Besides math, I have always been curious about
computer science and technology, which is one of the reasons I applied for the graduate programme at PwC. I saw an opportunity to utilize my capabilities and know-how in a new and
interesting way and today I have been a part of PwC’s graduate program, working with tech and tax, for almost two years.

I have played football for more than 14 years and generally love the feeling of being part of a team. I am in love with what I do as a graduate at PwC, and I believe that being part of a friendly workplace is one of the most important aspects of my career.

Remember to be proactive and don’t be afraid to bring your ideas and inputs to the table.
Alexei Condurachi, PwC Consultant

My best advice for future graduates

Drawing from my career development and experience, I have three pieces of advice for future graduates. Firstly, it is crucial to be curious as things are always changing and it is important to be ready to meet the needs of tomorrow. Secondly, remember to be proactive and don’t be afraid to bring your ideas and inputs to the table. Lastly, always be honest and transparent in your interactions with others – creating a friendly and trustworthy environment is the foundation of personal and professional success.