Simon’s CGI graduate adventure: Mastering IT consulting from day one

Simon was hired for the 2022 class of the Talentprogram in CGI Denmark’s Manufacturing department. He holds a Master’s degree in Operations and Innovation Management (Cand.Polyt) from Aalborg University.

Simon finished the Talent  program in 2023 and has since functioned as an ERP consultant working with supply chain management with a focus on warehouse management.


How did you end up at the CGI Graduate Programme?

Before finishing my Master’s degree I already knew that I wanted to pursue a job within consultancy. However, I didn’t know which company was the best fit for me, so I did what every reasonable person would do, I asked Google.

I found a top 10 list of best IT consultancy firms in the world and went on a deep dive to find the best fit for me. CGI quickly caught my eye as it has a high level of employee satisfaction and values employees work-life-balance.

I signed up for a Case Day where I could learn more about CGI as an organisation and the specific consultant position I was seeking. After attending the Case Day, I had no doubt that CGI was the perfect fit for me and luckily my boss felt the same way.

What attracted you to the programme?

I saw the talent program as a great opportunity to start my career after finishing my studies.

The fact that you are permanently employed from day one, gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your daily tasks and to improve your skills in the area you work within. The mentor and buddy solution are also your safety net where you always have the opportunity to get professional back-and-forth. As this was my first real job, I found it comfortable knowing, that the help was within reach.

The one-year program offers different modules and workshops with other CGI Talents from Sweden, which allowed me to get experience with working on an international level. Besides the workshops the one-year program would also allow me to in-depth technical knowledge with a focus on personal development.


What has been the highlight of being a graduate at CGI so far?

Besides participating in workshops and different modules, being part of the talent program has also allowed to obtain more in-depth technical knowledge through trainings and certifications and also to focus on my personal development.


What has surprised you the most about working at CGI?

I expected to be welcomed by my colleagues, but they have been more helpful than I would ever have expected and always find time to answer my questions no matter how stupid they may be. Having a great safety net in my knowledgeful colleagues allows me to quickly take upon a lot of responsibility as I know that they can back me up if it becomes necessary.

The fact that you are permanently employed from day one, gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your daily tasks and to improve your skills in the area you work within.
Simon Krogsgaard, CGI Graduate

Biggest challenge as a graduate so far?

I was given the responsibility of facilitating multiple workshops with a customer, all by myself. Afterward, I have been their main contact in relation to the warehouse management module in the ERP project.


Advice to other applicants?

Be clear and specific about your interests when you apply. This way CGI has the best foundation for finding the best match within the business.


How do you see your future with CGI?

I plan to stay in CGI for many years to improve my skills and contribute to my team. My motivation originates in the feeling of being appreciated by my colleagues and boss, which only continue to fuel my motivation to improve and take on more responsibility