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Graduate Programme Facts

# of positions 15
main location Viby
Duration 24 months
Functions Finance, IT, Marketing, Project Management
Time per duration 8 months
international rotations Yes
Language Requirements English
Requirements BSc or MSc Degree

Applications Open
Applications Close
Programme Start

Our take on the Arla Graduate Programme

Arlas F15 graduate programme has long been considered one of the most established and reputable programmes on the market. Another reason that the programme is sought for by most students with an interest in graduate programmes, is the large brand behind that most of the Danish population knows. 

The programme is known to have an intense recruiting process, that involves many steps and activities. Especially the assessment center evaluation conducted in Viby in the spring is challenging. 

One rotation will take place in the headquarters of Arla located in Viby, while the other twos are not pre-defined. What is worth mentioning, is that the first rotation does not necessarily need to be done in the “home country”. There is a possibility of starting the scheme somewhere else in Europe or the rest of the world. The whole program is designed for 2 years. 

Graduate Programme Benefits

  • Leadership training
  • Professional development
  • Flexibility in relation to working from home
  • A good professional network

Application Process

CV Screening
Cognitive Test, Personality Profile, Video Interviews etc.
Assessment Center

Stories from the Inside

Articles about Arla

We had the pleasure to do an interview with Moyo Adenmosun, who is a graduate from the F15 program at Arla. She is currently doing her international rotation in Sweden as a project manager, being one of three rotations. In 2019 she had her first rotation in Denmark, Aarhus, where she held a positions as Strategy Development and Project Manager. Read the whole interview with the Arla graduate here.

The Verdict

What's good
  • "Well-established graduate programme"
  • "A fast-track programme to a management career"
  • "Focus on personal and professional development"

Arla F15 Graduate Programme

Arla Foods is an international cooperative and the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia.

  • Rank:
  • Company size: +10000
  • Global: Yes
  • Graduate programme: Yes
  • Intern programme: Yes

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