Denmark, Copenhagen

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Salary: 55,000 - 60,000
  • Top Capabilities:
    • Finance & M&A
    • Strategy
    • Transformation
  • Revenue: DKK (-6.45%)

Key Requirements

Fluent in English
Masters Degree

About the company

Simply put, we’re personal and practical. As one of the original firms, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that consulting is a people business. A global partnership in more than 40 countries, our people make us who we are. We’re individuals with different passions and strengths who take as much joy in the work we do as from those we work with.

In practice, our teams bring the perspective, understanding, and hands-on know-how to build the future as you see it. Working together we’ll see big ideas through to working realities, helping you move from keeping up to breaking through.


As a firm, we strive to be the difference for our clients, our people, and our society. To be the difference for our people, we live by our five core values—curiosity, generosity, boldness, solidarity, and passion.

Through living our values, we continue to enhance our culture and agility by fostering an environment that is open, flat, agile, and collaborative while empowering our people to find joy at work and remain true to who we are. After all, our people make us who we are—our people make us Kearney.

Application Process

Application/CV screening - case interviews - Partner interview

Internal Education and Training

As a new Kearney consultant, the learning journey starts before day one with our Consultant’s Craft curriculum. It begins with Engage and Explore and continues throughout the junior consultant’s tenure. Engage is an online platform designed to welcome, inform, and connect new hires to our firm before their first day. Explore is virtual facilitated and self-paced social learning that provides foundational content on topics critical to a new consultant’s success. The Consultant’s Craft journey continues with core skill- and functional-specific learning opportunities focused on further developing our junior consultants’ capabilities and knowledge. Throughout the Consultant’s Craft, our consultants build community, develop critical core skills, and customize their learning journey based upon their individual needs and interests.