Beiersdorf BEYOND BORDERS Graduate Trainee

UK, Germany

  • Programme Duration: 18 Months
  • Industry: FMCG
  • Area's: Sales & Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Controlling
  • Rotations: 3
  • International Rotations: Yes
  • Website: Link

Fluent in English

About the Graduate Programme

BEYOND BORDERS is our ground-breaking graduate program that we have been running for over 40 years. Unlike most FMCG programes we put you right at the heart of the business, at our Headquarters in Hamburg, and post you overseas so you can get an international perspective at one of our subsidiaries. Past trainees have enjoyed successful careers throughout Beiersdorf, even had made it onto our Board.

We take on 10-15 trainees every year from all over the world and this multicultural mix gives the program and trainee community added experience and energy.

Your traineeship usually begins in Germany at our Headquarters. There you will get an overview of the company structure and processes in one of our most important markets. Your role will be structured but fluid, allowing you to get operational and strategic experience across a number of departments in your area of specialism.

Eight months into the program you will begin another exciting stage in your journey, spending six months abroad at one of our 170 international subsidiaries. There you’ll support your international colleagues in their day-to-day business and work on fascinating local projects. This experience will broaden your knowledge of intercultural differences, an essential skill when working in a global, consumer-orientated company.

The final piece in your trainee journey is cross-functional experience in another department. If, for example, you have decided to specialize in Brand Management & Digital Marketing you may choose to spend time in Business Controlling to expand your professional knowledge and grow your internal network.

Training takes many forms, from one-on-ones to group trainings, coaching session and workshops. Our trainees can furthermore engage in BEYOND BORDERS consulting projects with different business units. You will be supported throughout the time by a management level mentor and a ‘buddy’ – an experienced trainee.

As the name suggests, BEYOND BORDERS is open and flexible, so together with us you can shape it to suit both: you and the business.