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Copenhagen Economics is the leading economic consultancy in the Nordic region. It has 90 employees located in offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Brussels. The firm provides independent and effective counseling services based on recognized research methods – particularly within regulation, competition, energy & climate, auctions, international trade, and socio-economic impact assessments. Based on its mission, ‘Better decisions through hard facts and clear stories’, it focuses on providing valuable advice that is valid and to-the-point. It advises companies, authorities and key decision makers, where markets encounter regulation and conflicts arise. Since 2006, the firm has been ranked on Global Competition Review’s Top 20 of the world’s best economics consultancies.

Copenhagen Economics has clients in the Nordic countries, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Ireland, United States, Mexico, China and Taiwan. Its clients include large and medium sized companies, agencies and business organizations in various sectors, key European Ministries and international organizations, e.g. the European Commission and the World Bank.

Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics is the leading economic consultancy in the Nordic region

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  • Rank: 45
  • Company size: 0-250
  • Global: Yes
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  • Intern program: Yes

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