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Core & Company is a pragmatic and entrepreneurial growth advisory firm. The firm partners with large corporations who are bold and ready to make a change and offer them agile strategy development, customer centric business models and innovative organizational architecture. In short, Core & Company helps businesses adapt, evolve and succeed in a changing world.

These are turbulent years, industries are being disrupted and new business models are turning up everywhere. Never before has technology changed industries at a faster pace than today.
Core & Company is at the beginning of a technological and digital revolution.

Today, agile startups are successfully disrupting the marketplace, winning the customer relationships and leaving the established players in the past. The large household brands that the firm grew up with are now struggling to keep up with the newcomers – just think of Nokia, Kodak and Blockbuster, to name a few. Leading the charge of the new form of business are young companies like Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, LinkedIn and Facebook; companies who are all born with a different way of thinking. These companies are driven by simplicity, transparency, convenience and instant gratification – they are driven by a new, entrepreneurial mindset.

Core & Company is a team of experienced ex-consultants from top tier consultancies who all noticed the same trends: consumers are taking control, industries are going digital, new business-models are rising, and giants are struggling to stay in the game.

What makes it the best company to work for?


If you dream about combining strategy, business model design, critical thinking with entrepreneurial execution, then Core & Company could very well be the perfect place for you. We combine strategy, innovation, and organizational design to deliver a new and agile approach to consulting and to overcome reluctance to change, which is seen in many corporations. Our approach to strategy – and to everything we do – is agile, entrepreneurial, and passionate, and we have created an engaging culture that develops people and helps businesses succeed in a fast-changing world. By joining us, you’ll become an important member of highly-skilled, diverse and fun team of young professionals.

What are you working on getting better at?

We “hack” everything we do and strive to be in the forefront and deliver first-class results to our clients. In practice, this comes to show through our strong network of partners and freelancers and involvement of experts. One of our latest initiatives is the launch of the ‘Core Crowd’, where the goal is to have an even greater reach of experts in our network and to increase the level of speed and innovation in our project deliverables, not only by including a wide range of experts but also build a global community that never sleeps.


Fun Fact

One of our strongest attitudes is “We Laugh the Loudest” and was coined after numerous restaurant visits, where our team was kindly asked to keep it down, as our laughter was distracting the other guests. This attitude is something that is fundamental to Core & Company; We work extremely hard, but we have fun doing it.

Core & Company

Core & Company is a pragmatic and entrepreneurial growth advisory firm

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