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About Globeteam

Globeteam is a consultancy firm with a high level of professionalism, constant growth and, most importantly, very satisfied clients. We help our clients optimise their business and IT, and in addition to a profound technical specialisation, we also have a solid business understanding of the particular challenges and investments involved in strategic IT initiatives and solutions.

Unlike other consultancy firms, Globeteam is not dependant on suppliers and has consultancy skills from specialised business consultants to profound technology specialists. This allows us to solve complex projects across the client’s business and IT, and deliver specialised technical solutions which, at the same time, support the client’s business, improve their experience and increase business revenue.

The synergy between the consultants’ strong skills and Globeteam’s unique business model is what sets us apart in the market and make Globeteam a competent and professional partner for your business.

The individual Globeteam consultants’ skills are generally higher than other consultants at similar consultancy firms.”Quote from the 2014 client satisfaction survey.


Globeteam offers services and delivers results in three main areas:

  • Business Consulting: Globeteam can help you create a connection between IT and your business, thereby maximising the business value of IT investment and optimising revenue, quality and service within the organisation. We offer a wide range of business consulting services, ranging from business strategy, IT strategy, and business and operational processes, to project management. Where it is necessary we can call on Globeteam’s collective skills and services in our work.
  • Infrastructure: Globeteam can help you optimise and modernise your IT infrastructure, so that you achieve a stable operation and a more efficient work-force. We offer a wide range of services within infrastructure, from strategic advice to technical assistance and implementation. Globeteam assists in everything from individual tasks to large package solutions.
  • Development: Globeteam develops and implements client-specific solutions that ensure business value. We offer assistance in adapting and customising standard applications from large software providers, as well as development and maintenance of client-specific solutions. It is important to us that our solutions and use of technology are always future-proof and that they contribute to making your business more efficient.

Focused solutions and synergies between skills

Globeteam’s highly technical consultants work closely with Globeteam’s strategy and management consultants to provide you, the client, with holistic advice. Technology is not the goal in itself, but a means to improving the business and increasing value for our clients.

Globeteam’s deliveries have already proven their value with existing clients, and often result in long-lasting working relationships, where our consultants go on to provide solutions to new challenges. This is also shown in the positive results in our customer satisfaction survey, you can read the result of the survey here.

You can also see examples of our references here, and read more about our concepts here, which describe specific and interdisciplinary projects at Globeteam.


Unique business model

A unique business model strengthens commitment and client satisfaction. In the last 13 years, Globeteam has managed to create a business that grows continuously and has very high client satisfaction. This has been achieved by combining a unique business model with a high technical level, which ensures that our clients receive a committed, focused and qualified delivery. 

Globeteam has established a unique business model that strengthens each individual’s motivation, and, in this way, it attracts and keeps some of the best IT and business consultants in the business. Our business model is a cross between a very traditional consultancy firm and a freelance model where the individual consultant and the team are independent “cost centres”, and where the reward is also proportional to results.

For Globeteam’s clients this unique business model means:

  • Agreeing to a business-to-business relationship between the client, Globeteam and the consultant, thereby ensuring that clients are familiar with their consultants
  • A high professional level, given that the business model is only attractive for the best IT and business consultants
  • Dedicated consultants from beginning to end, our consultants are individually evaluated and rewarded based on the results they achieve with clients
  • That consultants maintain and further develop their skills, in order to consistently achieve results for clients
  • A good consultancy culture, where the consultant displays good consultancy behaviour and the ability to “understand as an internal employee and challenge as an external one”

Dedicated consultants from beginning to end

First and foremost, Globeteam’s business model offers dedicated consultants from beginning to end. All consultants at Globeteam are individually evaluated and rewarded, based on the results they achieve with our clients. This creates focus and quality in the delivery, and normally results in long-lasting relationships between our clients and our consultants.

As the reward is directly proportional to the results, the consultants’ commitment and motivation are further increased, and they strive to deliver the best solution for the client, whilst also building a long-lasting relationship.

A business-to-business agreement ensuring clients are familiar with their consultants

The unique business model also means that Globeteam, unlike traditional consultancy businesses, enters into contracts with named consultants. Our clients know who is providing their solution, throughout the process. As Globeteam’s consultants work independently, they enter into a business-to-business agreement, instead of a traditional employee relationship, during which the consultant can quit the project with a month’s notice.

In a business-to-business agreement, the consultant is bound by a contract for each agreement, and the individual’s responsibility is therefore tied to the task and the client. Considering the cost of replacing key participants in large IT projects, we are able to offer our clients a very unique advantage with this model.

Offers a high professional level of skills

For more than ten years, Globeteam has managed to attract, and keep, the best IT and business consultants in the business. One way we have achieved this is through our business model. This is why we can offer our clients a continuously high professional level within all areas of Globeteam’s business. This, combined with the consultants’ abilities and will to work in interdisciplinary teams in order to solve the client’s challenges, makes us a competent partner in complex transition projects.

The consultant’s skills are maintained and continuously developed

Globeteam’s unique business model sets a high standard for the individual consultant’s skills being maintained and continuously developed. This is for example evaluated via the consultants’ certifications. Today, Globeteam has more than 130 Microsoft certifications, distributed among approximately 30 consultants. All of Globeteam’s project managers, as well as a series of consultants, are certified in PRINCE2, which is used in project management at Globeteam. Furthermore, the project managers also hold other certifications such as PMP and Scrum, and generally have the experience to adjust to the client’s desired project model.

Globeteam has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2005, and today has Gold skills in Desktop, Server Platform, and Portals & Collaboration. Globeteam has been nominated three times for This Year’s Infrastructure Partner, and on three occasions Globeteam has also been one of the three partners nominated for the yearly customer satisfaction award, out of 3,500 Microsoft partners.

Globeteam’s consultants regularly give presentations at seminars and large conferences, and they also share their knowledge through blogs. You can follow their blogs on infrastructure here.



Read about the history of Globeteam – we were founded by two consultants in 2001 and we are now a successful consultancy firm

In 2001, two consultants founded Globeteam and today, thirteen years later and with a turnover of 85 million DKK, around 70 consultants work to optimise the business and IT of leading private and public companies.

Globeteam was created by board member, Erik Arnbak, and, current CEO and board member, Claus Moldow, in 2001. They both know each other from previously and, based on their long and fruitful cooperation, they decided to establish their own IT company with a unique business model.

A unique business model that strengthens commitment

As opposed to other consultancy companies, the founders created a unique business model that ensures a strong commitment between the individual consultant, the client and Globeteam, through a business-to-business relationship based on agreements. The consultant is bound by contracts covering the agreements they have entered into. Our business model has proved essential to attracting, and keeping, important and interesting clients, as well as competent and committed IT and business consultants. As a client you can read more about the benefits of this business model here, and as a consultant you can read more here.

Our organisational culture is characterised by a pioneer spirit and close cooperation between 70 consultants, management and the board. In just a few years, Globeteam has managed to create a client portfolio, an area of expertise and deliver solid financial results.

History – business areas are adjusted to the needs of the client

In 2001, Globeteam started offering services within IT Strategy, Project Management and Microsoft.

In 2003, the “Human Touch” business area was implemented.

In 2004, turnover was more than 20 million DKK, and a new “ERP” business area was established.

In 2007, turnover was 60 million DKK, and we entered into a joint venture with a local partner in Vietnam, upon establishing an “ODC” (Offshore Development Center).

In 2010, Globeteam made an organisational change and our teams were divided into a series of smaller and much more specialised teams.

In 2010, Globeteam also offered an internal course for consultants and employees, to establish a culture that focuses more on sales and clients. The course has been offered every year from 2010 to 2014.

In 2011, Globeteam established a sales department to operate and strengthen account management for our clients.

In 2012, as the company grew and the needs of the world around us changed, it became necessary to consolidate strategy and services. Therefore, Globeteam focused on their services withi

  • Business Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Development of Software

In 2013, Globeteam further strengthened its Business Consulting areas, by engaging more new consultants and sales people. Globeteam’s consultancy competencies range from strong business consultants to experienced technology specialists. This makes it possible for us to meet clients’ needs, and combine their business units’ ambitions and employees’ behaviour when it comes to technical competencies and insight.

This combination of consultancy competencies also means that we are in a completely different league to other consultancy firms. We carry out second opinion assessments of very complex projects within the public sector, which is in the media spotlight.

In 2014, Globeteam created a division in Jutland, Denmark, and started cooperating with several new IT consultants who had businesses there.

2014 was the year in which one of the original founders of Globeteam, and president of the board, Erik Arnbak, handed over the chairmanship to Mogens Elsberg, former CEO of GN Netcom, who will now challenge management and Globeteam’s strategy moving forward.


In 2001, two consultants founded Globeteam and today, thirteen years later and with a turnover of 85 million DKK, around 70 consultants work to optimise the business and IT of leading private and public companies.

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  • Intern programme: Yes

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