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Company description

Since 2004, Hildebrandt has advised ambitious companies and organizations about strategic management and change, based on the client’s actual situation and demands.

The firm’s objective is to always create as much value for their clients as possible. They do that by solving the right problem in the right way, which they call integrated problem solving.

For example, a strategy project is rarely only analysis, development, and execution – often elements of change management, management development, and governance also need to be integrated in good solutions. Similarly, efficiency projects often include elements of goal-oriented management, organizing, and leadership development. The integrated problem solving unites short-term results and long-term value creation.




Hildebrandt attaches great importance to its team. When working together they solve their tasks better and faster. The firm’s team is characterized by high professional standards, a high energy level, strong empathy and integrity.


The culture at Hildebrandt & Brandi is characterized by a professional environment, a contribution culture and job satisfaction. The company achieves this by:

  • Sharing and ensuring access to knowledge
  • Learning-by-doing
  • Being team-oriented
  • Having an inner drive
  • Daring
  • Being appreciating and acknowledging
  • Being open-minded and respectful toward each other 

Hildebrandt workplace culture is important, because it reflects who they are and how they work. In other words, the firm’s culture promotes its ambitions to reach a high level of quality, real value creation and continuous development of the company and of individuals.
Hildebrandt makes an active effort to develop its culture and puts a priority on spending time together while having fun. This enables the firm to express its individual identity and give direct and constructive feedback based on a trust in each other.

Hildebrandt & Brandi

Hildebrandt & Brandi is the top management's advisor. We contribute with sublime professional skills and clear opinions.

  • Industry:
  • Rank: 50
  • Company size: 0-250
  • Global: No
  • Graduate program: No
  • Intern program: No

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