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Incentive is one of the leading consultancy firms in the Nordic region. The company was founded in 2008 and has since grown rapidly, now employing 30 capable, committed people. On three occasions, the Danish newspaper Borsen has named Incentive a ‘Gazelle Company’ in recognition of its fast growth.

The firms consultants are masters of advanced economic and statistical tools, supplemented with specialist knowledge within a range of services.

At Incentive, they are proud to uphold a strong set of values with regard to both their clients and their in-house operations, and they live them every day. In order to be successful with them, candidates must share these values.

Their employees must have the courage to inspire and challenge clients and avoid compromising on quality and service. They are analytical and can look at problems from creative angles. They value and have the drive to be a part of a business where everyone helps one another, has influence and is responsible for the company’s development. their employees want to build relationships and get results, and they successfully do both.

Incentive believes the company’s success is also the employees’ success. Therefore, they think it is only natural to share out a portion of the company’s profit as bonuses at all career levels. The higher an employee’s career level, the bigger the bonus. Their employees receive a phone of their choice, Internet at home, a newspaper subscription, academic memberships, and health insurance.

Incentive has employed and continues to employ some of Denmark’s best economists. They develop themselves both personally and professionally by constantly demanding that they become better; that they remain open about their competencies; and that they strive to learn more about their profession, themselves and one another.

Their success in their profession depends on their ability to master the role of consultant. The most effective way to do this is to get firsthand experience and learn from those who have already mastered the role. They offer the following opportunities to support their employees in their professional development:

Sparring, where experienced consultants, using their sparring guide, hold discussions with less-experienced project managers about specific projects. They ensure that the sparring teams discuss all aspects of a project, thereby supporting the managers’ development and building their experience.

Developmental days, where all employees take part in skills development, thereby increasing not only their knowledge but also their skill sets. Previous developmental days have focused on written presentation, oral presentation, graphic presentation, sales and relations, energy management, personal communication, feedback and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (thinking style preference).

They map out and discuss actual and desired levels of competence with each individual employee annually. They then agree on target competencies and develop a plan—which includes management support and development activities—to help each employee reach his or her target competencies within the upcoming year. Every day, their employees actively work toward meeting their targets by employing lessons learned during their projects.


Incentive is a consultancy firm with economic and financial analyses as the focal point

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