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KMD’s position as one of Denmark’s leading IT and software companies is founded on insight – insight rooted in Denmark’s public sector but now also being applied in the private sector.

With locations in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg, KMD is one of Denmark’s largest IT and software companies, has some 3,200 employees and generated revenue of DKK 5.2 billion in 2015. The KMD Group also has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland.

The majority of our business revolves around software development, creating and delivering IT solutions for the local government, central government, regional and private markets.

KMD is majority-owned by funds managed by private equity firm Advent International, while Danish pension fund Sampension and KMD’s Management hold the remainder of its stock.​


Supporting the welfare state

For more than 40 years, KMD has played a key role in digitizing the Danish welfare state, making Denmark’s public sector one of the most digitized in the world.

KMD has developed and currently operates more than 400 IT systems that support the Danish welfare state and accompany Danes from cradle to grave. Each year its systems handle billions of kroner, equivalent to more than 20% of Denmark’s GDP. Key social security benefits such as family allowance, maternity/paternity pay, sickness benefit, state pensions and cash benefits are paid through systems developed by KMD.

Our enterprise management systems also handle the finances of many local governments, and each month a million employees in the public and private sectors receive their salary through our payroll systems. Many local governments and private companies have also chosen to have KMD handle parts of their administration, such as payroll and human resources.


The future is digital

KMD consistently strives to create new digital shortcuts, and we see it as our responsibility to contribute initiatives and solutions that support and develop Denmark. The public sector faces significant challenges: a smaller number of employees need to help a larger number of people, and budgets need to stretch even further.

KMD views welfare technology and digitization as an important part of the solution, simultaneously improving citizen-facing services and freeing up resources in the public sector.


Partner for the private sector

In recent years, KMD has built up a solid portfolio of customers in the private sector and now carries out tasks for more than 800 Danish and foreign companies.

By outsourcing tasks such as operation and maintenance of IT systems, payroll and HR administration, and printing to KMD, companies can focus on their core business, benefiting the day-to-day business, strategy and innovation.

Security is part of KMD’s DNA. KMD delivers everything from IT security strategies to fully implemented solutions that take care of both internal and external security threats in companies.


An attractive workplace

KMD’s 3,200 employees are its key asset. Our IT experts and business specialists are national leaders in translating complex processes and legislation into simple and effective IT solutions that make life easier for citizens, for employees and for customers in the public and private sectors.

KMD has and wants to maintain a reputation as a good, stimulating place to work. So that we consistently live up to our customers’ requirements, we aim to be one

of Denmark’s most attractive IT employers, with the strongest specialist teams and the most challenging projects.​


For more than 40 years, KMD has played a key role in digitizing the Danish welfare state, making Denmark's public sector one of the most digitized in the world.

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