Denmark, Copenhagen

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Salary: 40,000 - 45,000
  • Top Capabilities:
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • IT
    • Strategy
  • Revenue: DKK 897M (+22.04%)

About the company

The KPMG Early Career Academy is a one-year academy that ensures you have the best start of your career. You will develop your KPMG Core Skills and create a network across KPMG and beyond.

The Early Career Academy consists of 3 modules, each focused on different professional aspect of working as a consultant or auditor at KPMG. Each module starts with 2-3 days of intensive training at an offsite location, where you will also have the chance to socialise with your fellow Early Talents . Due to the three different and independent modules, you will have the chance to join the Academy regardless of your start date at KPMG. You will jump onto the next module starting in the months following your first day! You can read more about each module further down the page.

The KPMG Early Career Academy is designed for everyone starting an entry-level job position at KPMG. It ensures that everyone gets the same chances in the start of their career.