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About Lidl

Lidl is one of Europe’s leading retailers with approximately 10,000 stores in 27 countries and more than 200,000 employees. Our successful expansion that has taken place throughout Europe, has made us one of the largest discount chains, both in terms of turnover and financial strength. Our basic principle is that the customer should have it as easy as possible, and this principle is the key to our success. We buy and sell with the objective to offer our customers everyday the best quality at the best price. It is an exciting task – every single day.
In Denmark, we opened the first stores in September 2005, and today has 104 stores across the country.

Lidl’s history

Company start dating back to the 1930s with the establishment in Germany. Today, Lidl an international supermarket chain with companies across Europe. The first Lidl store was opened in 1970 in Ludwigshafen and since the 1990s, has Lidl been one of Europe’s leading grocery chains. In Denmark opened the first Lidl stores in September 2005, and today there are 104 stores throughout the country. Lidl has, far ahead of all other providers of the largest network of convenience stores in Europe. In the future, Lidl play an important role when new markets open, and in doing so we always offer our customers quality goods at low prices.

Vision, mission and values

Becoming Danish the preferred shopping place.

We buy and sell with the objective to offer our customers everyday the best quality at the best price. We create success through proud employees.

We strive more

We take responsibility
We work single
We make each other better

business Principles

Our business principles describes our company’s “spirit” and attitudes. They give us a framework for how we work in all our stores, warehouses and administrations. That way we can all work in the same direction!

Management and principles of conduct

In our management and behavioral principles are business principles more concrete. In these describes how we treat our customers, employees and partners.


German retailer with more than 6000 stores in Europe

  • Industry:
  • Rank: 26
  • Company size: 1000
  • Global: Yes
  • Graduate program: Yes
  • Intern program: Yes

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