Denmark, Copenhagen

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Salary: 45,000 - 50,000
  • Top Capabilities:
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • IT
    • Transformation
  • Revenue: DKK 3058M (+13.09%)

Key Requirements

Fluent in local language & English

About the company

Netcompany is a great place to work as you will be at the forefront of digital transformation, helping to build smarter, more connected, and sustainable societies. In Netcompany, we work in teams, which for many young professionals makes the transition from university to fulltime less overwhelmed. You will get lots of responsibility, but you are never alone. When you start, you will be assigned a mentor and buddy who follows your development and with whom you can also spar in relation to your career goals and path.


We want to ensure an inclusive culture where all our employees feel welcome and supported as individuals and in their career aspirations. Teams of complementary strengths and different backgrounds are of great value. All our leaders and employees play a key role in ensuring a safe environment that inspires teamwork toward fulfilling shared goals and a work environment where we care for each other’s well-being and pay attention to the inclusion of all.

Application Process

Application screening and CV -> interview --> case interview --> feedback --> hiring interview (if hired)

Internal Education and Training

We have our own internal education and training program – our Academy