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Valcon is a contraction of Value Consulting. Its vision is to set lasting footprints in the business world. To create innovation and value reaching far beyond the short term. To move both people and organizations to new professional levels as a consequence of the process.

Valcon see each assignment as unique. It believes that unique challenges require unique answers. That standard solution provides standard results. And that models and tools should always be chosen with a view to the individual challenge if they are to move the client.

Based on its broad and deep professional skills, Valcon’s sharp business understanding and its employee’s hands-on experience, the company is able to create individualized solutions and lasting footprints in their client’s business. Valcon style is direct though it works in close and constructive cooperation with its clients. The consultancy is not afraid of challenging both their clients and conventions along the way. In both the private and public sectors, managers face daily strategic and operational challenges relating to globalization, innovation, growth, transparency and efficiency. Five themes that crucially affect corporate success. And five themes where it can be difficult for managers to move from strategy planning to specific value-creation.  Valcon has created a consultancy that goes further and deeper. Their work is not finished when the strategic planning is complete and goals, funding and timetable are all in place. On the contrary, the firm gives you a guarantee that your strategies will ultimately be translated into specific initiatives and measurable results.



What sets Valcon apart? Where do they make a real difference? The answers lie in its unique, 200-man strong workforce. You will always be assisted by a team of highly skilled and experienced management consultants – as well as seasoned subject matter experts. People who are thinkers as well as practitioners. And every one of them is thoroughly competent within their area; a competence built through impressive careers on the other side of the desk – and in the field.

Valcon is able to go all the way from consultancy to hands-on implementation. The company not only tells you what needs to be done but also how it should be done. If it makes financial sense for your company, you can take things one step further and let Valcon handle the actual implementation.


What makes it the best company to work for?


Honestly, we only recruit the best! Our values are Performance, Competence, Integrity and Joy. These four values saturate all that we do and are also our guiding stars when recruiting new Valconeers. True Valconeers are among the best in their class if they are young professionals and/or have delivered with success in a C-suite position if they are experienced. This guarantees that you get to work among the best and wisest colleagues and with that a challenging and developing career. But what might be even more important is that we only recruit people who match our culture. We say that we reach global, but we have kept the best from our Scandinavian roots among others our Scandinavian leadership way. At Valcon, you will find ambitious, clever and joyful colleagues that strive to achieve the ultimate goals, but they are always grounded and connected to real life and have their hearts in the right place.

What are you working on getting better at?

We want to be the happiest company in the world. Nothing less! And we have therefore entered into a cooperation with The Happiness Research Institute which is going to help us to achieve our target. Over the next year 2018/2019, Valcon will be a laboratory for happiness for the institute, and they will be studying us work. We are fortunate to be located in some of the happiest countries in the world and to live in some of the most liveable cities in the world. We appreciate the value of this gift and feel obligated as a company to use this gift. We strongly believe that personal development and quality of life are key drivers of efficient strategies in competitive and learning organisations; be it in our very own organisation or in our clients’ organisations.


Fun Fact

We have a nickname for our Danish location. We call it The Hive. This is due to the shape of the entry, and the fact that we are all a bunch of busy bees. And as if this wasn’t enough, we are so fond of the animal theme that we have named all our meeting rooms after animals and have given them explaining taglines. So, for instance we have The Elephant room – Room for big decisions, The Ant – Room for teamwork and The Unicorn – Room for incredible solutions.

Valcon Consulting

Valcon is a management consultancy designed to create value in the evermore complex and dilemmatic business reality.

  • Rank: 27
  • Company size: 51-250
  • Global: No
  • Graduate programme: Yes
  • Intern programme: Yes

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