Denmark, Copenhagen

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Salary: 40,000 - 45,000
  • Top Capabilities:
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • HR
    • Strategy
  • Revenue: DKK (+76.47%)

Key Requirements

Fluent in English
Bachelor or Masters Degree

About the company

Voluntās was created from the fundamental belief that all human beings have the inherent right to live a meaningful life. That is why we exist: To realize human potential in all corridors of life – making every workplace, community, and country on the planet full of hope and dignity.

Founded in Denmark in 2015, Voluntās is the first company in the world to systematically explore and measure meaningfulness. For us, the value of money and impact depends on how it is earned and achieved. We strive to pave the way for a humanistic capitalism where every economic, societal, or technological gain equals greater freedom for humans to pursue their potential.

In Voluntās, we want to give a voice to everyone we touch, whether they are facing barriers in the form of poor leadership, unhealthy culture, or in the form of conflict, poverty, climate change, or dysfunctional governance. In all our interactions, we aspire to nurture self-awareness, remind people of their worth, and unlock their self-respect. This is a precondition for leading a life filled with dignity and hope. Ultimately, we want to assist every heroic attempt to realize human potential – also when it requires being a little Icarus. We do this for the colleagues in organizations, the citizens in societies, and for all us children of our blue planet.


Voluntās’s leadership philosophy is rooted in the thinking of our Founder and notion of Human Potential Development. This means that we strive not only to realize the unique potential of each employee, but to create the basis for each individual to experience meaning in the work they do. We are purpose-driven and by generating and sustaining a high level of meaningfulness among all employees, our aim is to harness our collective potential to make more lives more meaningful within society as a whole.

This philosophy is underpinned by our four following virtues, and it is the responsibility of each employee to uphold and promote these virtues both within and outside our organization

Self-awareness above Self-confidence:
To know oneself rather than to believe in oneself

Aspirations and hard work:
To persevere rather than to intend

Honesty above Compassion:
To speak one’s mind rather than to shy away from conflict

Facts above Sentiments:
To know rather than to assume


Application Process

1. Screening - We ask our candidates to reflect on three questions in their cover letter 2. Case 3. First interview 4. Cultural Preference Assessment & Self-Assessment 5. Second interview 6. Platonic Love Conversation 7. Hiring

Internal Education and Training

Three times annually, we convene Meaningful Conversations involving all employees, fostering the collaborative development or updating of their Personal Human Potential Development Plans alongside their managers. Moreover, our Voluntās Education Policy enables employees to seek support—be it financial or in allocated hours—for their ongoing education endeavors. Lastly, our Voluntās Employee Academy, currently in its launch phase, hosts monthly courses covering a spectrum of our operational domains, featuring both internal expertise and external instructors.