Graduateships is joining the Go Grow accelerator program!

01/03/2021 Graduateships Min.

At Graduateships, our aim is to help graduates kick-start their careers and grow their professional experience. To do it better, it is our turn to grow!

We are excited to announce that Graduateships has successfully applied to take part in the 2021 Go Grow accelerator program. In the next nine months, our team will participate in workshops and events with industry experts and experienced mentors to take Graduateships to the next level.


We are officially kicking off our journey today with a week full of first sessions on growth and business development! 

Go Grow is a business accelerator program at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship which works with startups founded by students or recent graduates. The program’s mission is to accelerate the growth of these startups through a focus on classical business disciplines as well as networking, leadership training, and emphasis on societal impact.

Graduateships will then join over 140 startups that have already participated in this accelerator program.


We are excited to get feedback from both the peers in the industry and the mentors – and make the most of the coming nine months to improve Graduateships and offer more value to graduates and companies.

Let’s go and grow!