The 50 best Consulting Companies in Denmark to work for in 2020

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our annual ranking of the 50 Best Consulting Firms to Work For in Denmark. Graduateships’ annual report of the best consulting companies in Denmark shows that it is still the large American consulting firms that dominate the wish list when students choose their first job. But two Danish consulting companies have sneaked into

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13 Graduate Jobs in Denmark with a deadline in February

We have found the 13 most exciting graduate roles with an application deadline in February (or early March). Hurry up and apply before it’s too late! Positions are in random order 1: Valcon – Deadline Ongoing Role:Consulting Graduate Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Industry: Consulting Language: English App Deadline: Ongoing 2: Nykredit – Deadline 16 February Role: Graduate

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The 89 most attractive Nordic graduate employers

Universum Global has ranked the Most Attractive Employers for students in the Nordics 2016 in three different categories: Business, IT and Engineering.  Universum’s data came from more than 38,000 surveys. The responses were weighted by GDP, which means that Swedish responses had a 34% , -Norway 28%, -Denmark 21%, and -Finland a 16% weighting. See ranking for Danish employers here.

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