Katharina from CFO Services: I was drawn to the vast knowledge base that Deloitte has to offer

How did you end up in the Deloitte Graduate Programme?

I learned about Deloitte’s Graduate Programme through a friend already working at Deloitte. My friend shared her experience and told me about the challenging and rewarding journey she had been on from day one. The more she told me, the more I became fascinated


What attracted you to the CFO Graduate programme?

Firstly, the development opportunities offered by the programme were very compelling to me. I knew that it would be a chance for me to expand my skillset and grow both personally and professionally. Secondly, I was drawn to the vast knowledge base that Deloitte has to offer and knew that I would be able to learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry. Finally, the great working culture and colleagues who thrive by creating an impact also appealed to me. I was looking forward to becoming a part of a team that encourages and empowers It’s members to achieve their goals.

What surprised you the most about working at Deloitte?

One of the things that surprised me the most about working at Deloitte is the open-minded and helpful attitude of everyone I have met. I was impressed by the down-to-earth mentality of the managers. They are supportive from day one, and are open for any concerns and questions you may have, and they put great emphasis on the individual shaping of your career. Also, the community at Deloitte is very special and outstanding. Social gatherings and interaction are considered as very important to get to know your colleagues outside the business environment. This helps you build relationships that are very valuable at work because you trust and know one another way better than in a normal work setting.


How do you see your future at Deloitte?

At Deloitte, responsibility is handed over to you from day one. I see my future at Deloitte as an exciting opportunity to continue to learn and grow. I am motivated to get involved and drive my department towards the future of consulting. It is important to me to bring value not only to our clients but also to my colleagues. It is such a great reward when you see a happy smile on your client’s face once a project has been completed or a report published. But also, being a mentor and guiding new consultants to their successes is something I would like to do in the future.

My super power is my ability to stay calm and focused in situations where rapid shifts require agility, adaptability, and patience
Katharina Scherer, Deloitte

What is your super power / what are you really good at?

My super power is my ability to stay calm and focused in situations where rapid changes require agility, adaptability, and patience. I have a knack for keeping a clear head, even in the most challenging circumstances. As a consultant, it is rare to work in a stable and unchanging environment. Every day is different, from the one before. Every day you meet new people, see new ways of working, face new challenges. You will work in different offices, sometimes under difficult circumstances, with people that have strong opinions. To navigate that, you need to be able to adapt, be agile and stay focused. Whenever a situation seems impossible to handle, I tend to be the one that takes a step back, assesses the situation and makes a plan to solve it. While others are stressed out, my super power shows up, and I overcome stressful situations by driving, executing and solving them.


Any advice for new applications?

My advice for new applicants to the Deloitte Graduate Programme would be to get involved in events to get the first touchpoints with Deloitte and learn about the company. Deloitte offers many opportunities to students who have an interest and passion for the consulting business.


When applying, it is important to be authentic and clever. Deloitte values diversity, and looks for candidates who bring different perspectives to the table. So, be honest about your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. And do not be afraid to showcase your unique qualities and experiences that set you apart from other applicants.


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