Jacob’s Lime Technologies Graduate Story: Thriving in Tech from Day One

Jacob, Studied 3 years of Data science on KEA. Started at Lime august 2023 as an Application Consultant in Copenhagen. Have had previous experience in somewhat same sector, but the workplace did not suit me well. Company values were stated but never seen followed, colleagues were never around at the office, nor was the mentorship that was assigned to me just a title but wasn’t utilized. The daily assignments did not fit a newly educated person like me.


How did you end up at the Lime Technologies Graduate Programme?


I felt that I wanted to get a great start of my career in tech, and a company like Lime spoke to me like a place I could fit in well, both in terms of devolving my skills, and have great colleagues around me while doing so.


What attracted you to Lime Technologies as an employer?


The culture spoke highly to me, at Lime we have this openly-helper culture where you can always find the help you need from colleagues, no matter what it could be. People are always interested in helping you grow and become a better colleague yourself. So this is the theme you meet all around you, and peoples mindset are build on a value that is about connecting the structure we work on, and not just working in individual departments of the company. The mentorship is highly valued, since this would secure a learning curve that is always on the rise.

I saw Lime as the best possible place to invest in myself, both personally and professionally.

What has been the highlight of being a graduate at Lime Technologies so far?


Mostly the introduction and onboarding at Lund, with all the countries sending their new trainees to the main office, gathering up to become nurtured into a “Limer”. During these two weeks you share room with another trainee and get to spend lots of time together with all of the trainees staying at the same hotel in Lund. During office hours we spend time at the office, having sessions mixed with all roles, case studies and training within our specific role. This helped me become inspired, and feel confident in your role. This also was what I felt was apricated by all the trainees/graduates since it’s gives you the warmest welcome to the company and truly helps you to fit into the culture and learn a lot about your upcoming role at the same time. The social culture is a big part of Lime as well, so you have activities planned to help get to know your new colleagues at the same time.

Plus, it helps you recognize that the ONLY thing you need to bring with you, when starting at Lime, is the willingness to learn and develop yourself. Past experiences help of course with this.


What has surprised you the most about working at Lime Technologies?


That your seniors expect great things from you, but not that you are going to accomplish this alone. They help you get there. Also, that the culture really is, as good as you hope it to be.

I saw Lime as the best possible place to invest in myself, both personally and professionally.
Jacob Kamstrup, Graduate at Lime Technologies

Biggest challenge as a graduate so far?


To get into the consultant way of thinking and working.


Advice to other applicants?


Take your time with everything you learn and reflect upon it. And then when you think you have reflected enough, reflect again! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes/errors, it’s better to learn from the mistakes when they happen. Set goals for yourself(both long and short term), and let your manager/mentor know them, so they can help you achieve them!


How do you see your future with Lime Technologies?


I see myself grow a lot more into my role, and my ambition is to land as a team lead role in the future, but not before learning all there is to know, which ill be able to pass knowledge on to my colleagues by then, and of course earning it.

The European Graduate Program is a perfect career opportunity for you who got the right entrepreneurial spirit and will graduate soon. We think your academic background is a master’s or bachelor’s degree in business, IT/Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent. We’re looking for trainees for the roles of Application Consultant, Technical Project Manager, or Account Manager to our offices in Copenhagen. With our European Graduate Program, we promise you a unique opportunity to kick start your career. Faced with interesting challenges from day one, your learning curve will rise rapidly. Throughout the program, you will be mentored by a senior colleague providing support. The graduate program kicks off with two weeks at our HQ in Lund, Sweden. Together with all trainees from our different offices, you’ll get intense training and education as well as plenty of time for team building and having fun. After the intro period, you head back to your local office and start working hands-on with everything you’ve learned. The graduate year is rounded off with a local celebration party together with the graduate group. Let’s unpack your potential, welcome to Lime!
  • Application Deadline: Open: August 1 - Close: May 1
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Areas: IT, Sales, Project Management, Data / Analytics
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • International Rotation: No
  • Language Requirement: Fluent in Danish & English
  • To Apply: Click here