The 50 best Consulting Companies in Denmark to work for in 2020

50 Best Consulting Firms to Work For in Denmark

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our annual ranking of the 50 Best Consulting Firms to Work For in Denmark.


Graduateships’ annual report of the best consulting companies in Denmark shows that it is still the large American consulting firms that dominate the wish list when students choose their first job. But two Danish consulting companies have sneaked into the top 10.


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Mckinsey, BCG, Bain Nordics, Kearney and Deloitte Consulting top the list in Denmark, but it is positive to see that companies with a Danish origin such as Implement and Novo Nordisk Consulting are also in the top 10.


Mckinsey, BCG, Bain Nordics, Kearney and Deloitte Consulting top the list in Denmark, but it is positive to see that companies with a Danish origin such as Implement and Novo Nordisk Consulting are also in the top 10.



Company Score
1. McKinsey 17.486
2. Boston Consulting Group 16.786
3. Bain & Co Nordics 14.893
4. Kearney 14.764
5. Deloitte Consulting 14.679
6. Implement 14.150
7. Novo Nordisk Consulting 13.800
8. Accenture 13.629
9. Strategy& 13.429
10. PwC Advisory 13.336


Over the next few weeks, we’re going to dive into the 2020 consulting rankings—which comprise our signature Consulting 50, as well as rankings of the best consulting firms within Strategy, IT, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Danish Roots, Prestige, CSR, Employee Satisfaction, Compensation, Career Outlook and Growth.  However, we wanted to take a minute here to highlight some of the standouts of this year’s top 50 rankings. 


It’s no surprise that McKinsey, BCG and Bain (MBB) tops the list. They have been some of the most sought after employers for students for many years due to the prestige of landing a job with them, the learning they provide on the job and the exit opportunities. They are simply the best consulting companies in Denmark.

It is positive to see the two Danish firms Implement (#6) and the in-house consulting arm of Novo Nordisk (#7) high on the list as well. They both have very strong brands amongst students and their innovative approaches combined with a better work life balance has made them attractive for many top students.

Finally then we have an entrepreneurial firm on the list – EYBOX (#16). The company which was a merger between EY and BOX combines the classical consulting deeds with an innovative approach to problem solving. 



Newcomers that didn’t make this years list

Some companies didn’t make the list due to the eligibility criteria of having more than 25 full times employees. However some of the smaller companies have been making a lot of noice and we expect to see them on the list in the coming years:


  • Kopenhagen Konsulting (Up and coming strategy consulting firm with impressive growth)
  • Edura (A newly established consulting firm focused specifically on the educational sector)
  • Kvadrant Consulting (A fast growing bunch of B2B Sales & Marketing Specialists) 



NEW Category Ranking: The Most Sustainable Consulting Firms

This year, we’ve introduced a new category ranking for consulting firms that demonstrate leadership within CSR, specifically around sustainability.  Graduateships top ten consulting firms for CSR are:


10 Most Suitable Consulting Firms to Work For in Denmark



Top 50 Consulting Firms List

In addition to the consulting guide we have also created an interactive version of the top 50 ranking here. The ranking is the same as the top 50 list, but it provides additional detail as can be seen below:


McKinsey company profile



About the Graduateships Top 50 Consulting Firms

The 2020 Graduateships Consulting rankings are based on four core sources; More than 20 interviews with current and former consultants, Review of five global rankings, desktop research of more than 100 Danish consulting firms and a review of over 75 annual reports.


Top Ranked 2020The Graduateships Consulting 50 is based on a combination of internal and external scores. To make the ranking as objective as possible, we created the Graduateships Index consisting of seven metrics.  We selected the seven metrics by asking students and young professionals what they find most important when evaluating where to work.  They emphasized that not all metrics were equally important. To account for this, we have created a weighted system and scored all companies within each metric: 25% Prestige; 15% Compensation; 15% Career Outlook; 15 % Employee Satisfaction; 10% CSR; 10% Diversity; 10% Company Growth


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