Ulrikke: Embracing diverse paths – you do not need a classical consulting background to be a part of the KPMG Challenger Academy

Hej! My name is Ulrikke Dyrholm, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and a master’s degree in Political Science from Lund University in Sweden. 

I am currently part of the KPMG Challenger Academy, the KPMG equivalent of a graduate programme, at KPMG in Denmark based in Copenhagen. In my everyday work I serve as a consultant within the Digital Risk service line.


How did you end up at the KPMG Challenger Academy?

At the end of my master’s studies, I was seeking new opportunities in both the public and private sector. Fellow students recommended me to apply for the KPMG Challenger Academy. They have had a very good experience completing the Academy and being a part of KPMG early in their career.

What attracted you to KPMG as an employer?

At the very first interview, I got a warm reception, which fostered a positive and open dialogue about my professional background and how that could fit an organization like KPMG. Furthermore, KPMG was able to offer great flexibility and engagement in diverse projects and tasks. 


What has been the highlight of being a graduate at KPMG so far?

So far, the highlight of taking part in the KPMG Challenger Academy has been our trip to Leiden, the Netherlands. In Leiden, we had the opportunity to establish a network in a professional, yet comfortable, atmosphere and develop our professional consulting skills.  Networking with the other participants of the Academy has contributed to an even greater collegiality benefiting collaboration between the different service lines and across different offices as well as creating a sense of belonging. 

Furthermore, we had sessions where we acquired core consulting skills, such as presentation skills, which can be used in our everyday work. The facilitators succeeded in creating a safe space, where we were able to get out of our comfort zone and, thus, improve our skills.

I do not have a classic consulting background. However, during the interview KPMG translated my various skills and experiences into strengths in consulting
Ulrikke Dyrholm, KPMG Graduate

What has surprised you the most about working at KPMG?

The people! I did not anticipate encountering such kindness and openness, but I am pleasantly surprised by people’s willingness to offer assistance and guidance in navigating projects and early career experiences.


Biggest challenge as a graduate so far?

Certainly, the steep learning curve, which is highly motivating and exciting, yet it can also pose significant challenges at times.


Advice to other applicants?

Be honest in your application about your strengths and areas for improvement – and be open to new challenges. 

I do not have a classic consulting background. However, KPMG translated my various skills and experiences into strengths in consulting throughout interview process. So, if you are hesitant about fitting into the consulting mold, still take a moment to read the job advertisement and send an application if you find the area interesting.


How do you see your future with KPMG?

My future with KPMG consists of ongoing growth in both professional and personal realms. I appreciate the diverse learning opportunities provided by KPMG, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.