10 Reasons to Join a Graduate Programme

19/11/2020 Graduateships Min.
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So what is the hype about these graduate programs, that the biggest companies love to have, and you hear mentioned here, there and everywhere? We give you ten reasons why it should be your first career step.

Are you still thinking if it’s worth it to apply for a graduate program? 

Then this article is something for you! We looked through the feedback of hundreds of graduates, and found you the pros of going for a graduate scheme. You have to keep in mind that everything depends on the company and sometimes some graduate programs might be better in some areas than the others – but here are the general pointers to look for. 


  1.     Prestige

Having in your resume that you have completed a graduate program, will definitely give you an advantage over other candidates that are applying for the same position as you. Recruiters highly appreciate your engagement and they will easily assume that you have already gained a lot of experience. Also, as many of our graduates say, getting into a graduate program is a pretty complex process that not everyone can pass. To get some tips on how to be a successful applicant, we highly recommend checking the interview with Ditte who is working as a recruiter at Demant.


  1.     Getting to know your options 

You don’t know which department you would like to work in in the future? A graduate scheme might help you to make this very important decision. The program is usually divided into 4 rotations. This means that during each rotation you will work in 4 different departments. For example, for the first half a year you can work in the marketing area and then you can change to IT, then go to the HR department and at the end you can spend your last rotation optimizing the supply chain. It is very beneficial for you because you are getting to know the company from different perspectives. At the same time, being in various departments might help you decide which one suits you the best.


  1.     Mentoring

Unlike in some graduate jobs, you will get your own mentor who can guide you and help if you are in doubt. In addition, you can most often have one-to-one sessions which give you an opportunity to get personalized advice. If you want to read more about the mentoring you can find in the article with former Novo Nordisk HR manager Caroline, within talent innovation. 


  1.     Travelling

Do you want to travel and get to know how the company works in different countries? You don’t need to look any further. There are plenty of companies that offer international rotations. In this case you will be able to go and work in different countries or even continents! The perfect example is Nicolas who successfully went to Sydney during his 3rd rotation as a graduate in Novo Nordisk. You can read the whole article here.


  1.     High starting salaries 

If you are worried about your finances, during the graduate program it is not something that should loom large in your mind. Usually the starting salaries are high, often ranging from 35.000-45.000 DKK per month. 



  1.     Easy moving 

A lot of graduates apply for a program in different countries than they are from. It might sound like a lot of trouble with accommodating in a new country where they speak a foreign language. Fortunately, the companies are aware about this and they usually help the graduate to settle in. For example, they might find you accommodation, the best offers of the flights or even provide you with a translator.


  1.     More benefits 

Since you are becoming a full-time employee you will get a lot of benefits that the company offers to its workers. As an example, you can get a health insurance, company laptop, phone or even a company car. On the top of that many of the companies offer free lunches or provide its employees with gyms and the like. Being part of the team opens you the doors to join your co-workers during the after-work meet ups. During the hangouts you can simply have fun, get to know the people who are you working with and create unique networks.


  1.     Secure job position 

If you are signing a contract with the company, it will usually be for at least 2 years because this is how long the programs often last. Afterwards, you might also be offered a permanent full-time job in the same firm, which is often the case, but not always. 


  1.     A lot of options 

There are many well-known companies that offer the graduate programs. If you are not sure where you want to apply, we strongly recommend checking out our graduate guide where you can see the overview of each program. Based on the information that we provide, we are sure you will find something that will perfectly fit you and your skills. 


  1. Personal development 

As well as gaining a lot of professional knowledge and skills you can develop yourself on the personal level. Going outside of your comfort zone will definitely help you boost your self-esteem and gain confidence. Ivano from the graduate program at Grundfos came with a well-delivered explanation of how the scheme helped her boost many of her skills. The link to the article is just right here 


Next time when you are in doubt whether the graduate programs are convincing enough for you, check out this article again. If you want to know about the specific graduate programs, then don’t forget to come back and check the graduate guide that will be released this month!