Novo Nordisk Consulting

Denmark, Copenhagen

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Salary: 45,000 - 50,000
  • Top Capabilities:
    • Strategy
  • Website: Link

Key Requirements

Fluent in English
Masters Degree

About the company

We offer a chance to work on exciting and impactful projects across the value chain alongside accomplished professionals for one of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical companies. We champion a sustainable work-life, and we believe that in-house consulting provides a better opportunity to achieve this balance compared to external consulting. We have been there.

Our environment promotes flexibility, autonomy in your work, and regular interactions with senior leadership. We occasionally need to travel for work, but respect your discretion on timing to best suit both project demands and personal commitments. This consideration is especially valued by our parent team members, who can adjust their schedules to accommodate for childcare. While we strive for excellence in our work and directly collaborate with top executives, we never lose sight of a fulfilling work-life balance. After your time in Novo Nordisk Consulting, an exciting career in Novo Nordisk awaits. We are one of the top talent incubators in Novo Nordisk.

Company Culture

Denmark is frequently celebrated as one of the happiest countries in the world, and the allure of Danish ‘hygge’ has garnered international appeal. Our many international team members are supported by our diverse and social team, easing the transition to living in Denmark. Our offices are located close to Copenhagen, creating a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Scandinavian culture and lifestyle.

Application Process

Upon receiving applications, we conduct a screening and invite the most promising candidates for interviews. The first interview round involves an introduction to our department and two case interviews, which are in line with the style of management consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain and BCG. These interviews assess your analytical thinking, structured approach to problem solving, numerical proficiency, and business acumen. Successful candidates then proceed to a second round of interviews, which may include assessments based on online tests (completed between the first and second rounds), another case interview, and a conversation with the Head of Novo Nordisk Consulting.

Internal Education and Training

Our onboarding program spans 1-2 weeks, introducing you to the Novo Nordisk value chain, our department’s strategy, key tools, and more. We offer tailored internal and external training programs geared to your experience level, covering topics like issue-driven problem-solving, structured communication and project management. We also pair you with a more veteran member of our team to help guide your transition to Novo Nordisk and answer any questions that may come up along the way. You will have regular feedback during projects with your project manager, as well as ongoing development discussions with your development manager. Biannual reviews help us focus on your strengths and identify areas for growth.