Denmark’s Most Attractive Graduate Programme 2020/2021

30/07/2021 Graduateships Min.

A new graduate programme season is soon upon, which we will be covering intensely, but we would be remiss not to take a look back at the season that just was.


Today, we are launching our 2020/2021 Graduateships Most Attractive Graduate Programme List, our first annual ranking of the 10 most popular graduate programmes and the 10 most popular graduate jobs in Denmark.

Most Attractive Graduate Programme 2021

The award for the most attractive graduate programme is focused on the overall programme from a company (ie Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme) and not the individual track/role. This is focused on the attractiveness of the entire programme in terms of clicks. More than 60 programmes were considered.


Ørsted Graduate Programme

Just like the company itself the Ørsted Graduate Programme has been through a transformation and is today one of the best resourced and most well run programmes out there. The two year programme takes the graduate through 2-3 rotations – one of them potentially in one of their international offices. They hire graduates within the areas of: Business Development & Finance, Digital & IT, Engineering.

As you would expect many graduates are drawn to the tremendous journey Ørsted is on. Climate change has been and continue to be one of the most worth-vile cause for any ambitious graduate. If you are looking for a job with purpose this could be the one.


Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme

Novo Nordisk has one of the most well-developed and sought-after graduate programmes available. The popularity and global reach of Novo Nordisk’s graduate programme is emphasized by the fact that more than 2,000 candidates from around the world apply yearly with 90 % of the graduates being international.

Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, the current CEO of Novo Nordisk, started his career in the graduate programme more than 20 years ago. Today, the graduate programme is held in high regard in the company, especially due to the fact that more than 50% of graduates coming through the programme holds managerial positions. If you become a graduate in the programme you can expect a very professional approach where Novo Nordisk supports your relocation and accommodation in Copenhagen. All foreign graduates are accommodated in apartment complexes in Østerbro and enjoys a social life together, which smoothes the transition into the graduate position.


Saxo Bank Graduate Programme

Saxo Bank is the new kid on the block when it comes to graduate programmes. In a short amount of time they have been able to establish a strong programme with a high appeal to students. They offer challenging career opportunities in a unique, internationally-focused business. They believe that their employees’ development goes hand in hand with the growth of their business. That’s why they offer a truly growth-embracing culture, and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and international working environment.



Most Attractive Graduate Job 2021

The award for the most attractive graduate job is focused on the individual track/role (ie Novo Nordisk Global Business Graduate). This is focused on the attractiveness of the specific graduate job in terms of clicks. More than 300 jobs were considered.


PwC – Risk Assurance Graduate 


Consulting has always been one of the most attractive industries for new grads and as such it is no surprise that PwC is leading the pack. Their Graduate Programme is a one year long learning journey, where you get to taste what it is like to work as a consultant in their Risk Assurance team. You will have a structured learning environment and be able to learn from some of the best in the field.

You can choose between three different tracks: (1) At Digital Trust they advise management on controls and management processes in relation to their IT environment, focusing on operational and financial risks. (2) At CFO Service they have a goal of being the CFO’s trusted advisor. They work with operational optimization, development and transformation of the finance function and they help their clients with the opportunities and risks that come with the technological development. (3) In Trust and Transparency they work with anti-corruption, third party declarations, fraud management, forensic and business ethics.


Valcon – Graduate 

The second most popular graduate job was also to be found in the consulting industry. More precisely the Scandinavian based consulting firm Valcon. They offer a well-structured and ambitious graduate programme that ensures a fast-track management consultant career and the opportunity to be working together with experienced consultants on creating results together with their clients. Their work culture is characterised by ambitions but not sharp elbows.

They have a nickname for their Danish location. They call it The Hive. This is due to the shape of the entry, and the fact that they are all a bunch of busy bees. And as if this wasn’t enough, they are so fond of the animal theme that they have named all their meeting rooms after animals and have given them explaining taglines. So, for instance they have The Elephant room – Room for big decisions, The Ant – Room for teamwork and The Unicorn – Room for incredible solutions.


Lime Technologies – European Trainee Programme


The Graduate Programme which they have labelled internally as the European Trainee Program lasts 12 months and can be done within one of the following tracks: Business development/Sales, Technical project management and Application consulting.

With 280 employees Lime is one of the smaller companies offering a graduate programme. Graduates have let us know that they appreciate the entrepreneurial vibes and the ability to have massive impact through their work. Being a smaller company graduates are in general given more responsibility.



Our methodology is straight forward – the ranking is based on the number of clicks the individual graduate programme or graduate job received on This is, in our view, an objective way to measure “attractiveness” relative to one another, however it does of course not say anything about what it is actually like to be a graduate at the specific company. There can also be a variance in the time period the job was “active” on which could impact the number of clicks.


We look forward to once again guiding you through the jungle of graduate programmes for the 2021/2022 season – stay tuned!