Nicklas from Demant: “You work on projects that make a difference in people’s lives”

02/01/2022 Graduateships Min.

About Nicklas

  • Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Master’s degree in Applied Economics and Finance from CBS
  • Exchanges in the United States and Switzerland
  • Global Business Graduate at Demant

I’m part of the Global Business track which spans different functions. It’s centered in our retail division, so the focus is B2C, but the jobs and different rotations vary.


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The Demant graduate programme generally lasts two years, and the rotations varies from track to track. I have three rotations, but some of the other tracks have four. It’s not planned beforehand which rotations a graduate will do – it’s shaped along the way, both by what your own interests are and what the business needs are.

I’ll be starting my next rotation around April, and I’m still not completely sure what I’ll be doing. COVID complicates things a little bit as I was hoping to go abroad, but we might need to postpone it until my last rotation.


How did you start at the Demant Graduate Programme? Where did you first hear about it?

I started doing research into potential places I wanted to apply to last fall, and then did more research into what exactly the companies do and what sort of programme they offer. I also attended a lot of virtual graduate nights and information events.

When the time came to apply, among others, I applied for the Demant graduate programme – and I had a really good connection with people I talked to when I reached out to ask questions beforehand and during the recruitment process.

What else attracted you to Demant?

I like the structure of the programme – it appealed to me that it wasn’t too planned out and I could shape my future, going into what I find interesting, what I’m good at.

I also didn’t want to work within all industries. I find it really important to work within an industry and a company with a noble purpose. I wanted to work on projects that actually make a difference in people’s lives.


Why did you want to join a graduate programme?

I’ve made up my mind about applying for a graduate position because I was a bit unclear about what exactly I would like to do. I was always a little afraid of settling in or choosing something too quickly. So I decided to pursue a graduate programme to get a better taste of different jobs. 


What has surprised you the most about working at Demant?

I am used to flat hierarchy and informal tone in the workplace, but Demant has the flattest hierarchy of all the companies I’ve worked in. Nobody has an office, we all sit next to each other – I used to sit right next to the president of my division. This symbolizes the broader company culture of being humble about the position and power they have, and being very approachable.

The graduate programme is quite small – in my year, there are seven graduates. You quickly become a very close-knit little group. The introduction weeks formed some really good friendships. The graduate programme coordinator and the project manager did a really good job of organizing company introductions, social nights, or a visit to the production in Poland. They did a lot to facilitate the initial bonding experience. Now, we have formal meetings and training every now and then, but we plan group events outside of work, too.

It’s definitely a positive thing to have that group of people that are in the same boat, and that you can share your experiences and challenges with. The struggles are mostly about finding your place and getting adjusted to bigger responsibilities and a new life rhythm where you don’t have as much flexibility as you did during your studies. It’s nice to have that graduate network to just talk about it and share tips and tricks.

I am used to flat hierarchy and informal tone in the workplace, but Demant has the flattest hierarchy of all the companies I’ve worked in.
Nicklas Hansen, Demant Graduate

How do you see your future with Demant?

I definitely hope to stay for a good while. I don’t really have a specific role or specific team yet. The fact that the program is flexible and undefined also adds a bit to the excitement. But I think it really just comes down to one thing – everybody here is really nice to work with, so I have the feeling that I would fit in pretty much everywhere.


Do you have any advice for other applicants?

Do your homework beforehand, and really look into the different options that you have. Even though it is difficult just from reading, try to find out what makes each programme and company unique. There’s quite the alphabet in the different programmes that are offered.

Try to reach out to the people that are currently working there. There are a lot of options for connecting with representatives from the company, especially if you start early. Getting to know some people in the company also tells a lot about whether you fit in or not.

Use the recruitment process also to your own benefit. It’s a two-way street. You want the company to like you, but you also want to figure out whether you like the company. Reflect on an assessment center or an interview whether you’ve had a good experience with the people and you feel a connection.

Finally, and this is the most Demant-specific, try to be yourself in the application. All of your accomplishments and your CV are only a part of it. They don’t hire people for their papers. They really want to see how you are unique and how your personality fits in. You want to make yourself shine through – but also be considerate about how you behave and how you treat other applicants, for example, at the assessment center. They are not just looking for people that are great on paper, they’re looking for people that are great in real life.


➔  Hiring!  Demant are hiring graduates right now. Click here for more details on the programme.