Tashia: I believe that the pace, direction, and ambition we have at Danish Crown will have a great impact on the future of food

About Tashia


2016-2019: Aarhus University, BSc Economics and Management
2019-2021: Aarhus University, MSc Economics and Management


2016-2018: Student Worker, IBM
2018-2021: Student Worker, Jyske Bank
2021-Now: Business Graduate, Danish Crown

My name is Tashia Regina Lundvig I am a graduate at Danish Crown. I recently joined a business unit called Danish Crown Beef and I am working in the Marketing and Innovation department.


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How did you end up at the Danish Crown Graduate Programme / when and where did you first hear about it?

I first heard about the graduate programme at a networking event at my university. A previous student had become a manager at Danish Crown and spoke very fondly of working at Danish Crown. I became very intrigued to become an employee at Danish Crown.


What attracted you to Danish Crown?

I was attracted to Danish Crown because of the meaningful purpose behind working at Danish Crown; putting food on the table, but not just in any kind of way. Putting food on the table in a sustainable and responsible way.

Danish Crown is a market leader within meat production, I believe that the pace, direction, and ambition we have here will have a great impact on the future of food. We have a huge responsibility and I want to be a part of living up to that responsibility and that is why I decided to apply for a job at Danish Crown.

Why did you want to join a graduate program?

Why did I apply for the graduate programme and not any other full-time position at Danish Crown? Because I wanted a better understanding of the entire value chain at Danish Crown across different business areas. We are 23,000 employees. Some are working with pork, some with beef and leather, some with casings, some with soup and so on. The graduate programme is a great opportunity to get to know the various business areas of Danish Crown. It is a fast track to more experience from different departments and it gives you a broad network within the company.

Besides this, I loved the fierce competition there is to land a graduate position. Danish Crown uses a lot of resources on finding the right candidates. You go through cases, tests and presentations. I love being a graduate at Danish Crown I feel like my experience and opinions are highly valued.


What has surprised you the most about working at Danish Crown?

What has surprised me the most is how complex the meat industry is. There are many stakeholders involved both external and internal ones.

Another funny surprise was when my mentor told me that cows don’t have any upper front teeth. I grew up on the countryside and have seen many cows in my life, I have even witnessed calving. However, I have never once noticed that cows don’t have their upper front teeth.  Now I can’t help but smile whenever I visit the cows at the farmers’ stables.
Tashia Lundvig, Danish Crown Graduate

Biggest challenge as a graduate so far?

Accepting the fact that I am only staying at each rotation for eight months. Eight months is not a long time and the time goes by so fast when you are having fun and learning. However, one of the great advantages of being a graduate is that you in a short amount of time get a great knowledge of different departments across the company.


Advice to other applicants?

Enjoy each moment of the programme. You will be working with so many skilled and passionate people on your journey. Listen, be authentic and present in the moment, there is so much to learn from each and everyone you meet on your journey.


How do you see your future with Danish Crown?

I will keep on building relations across Danish Crown business units and further develop my knowledge and understanding of the various facets of the company. My big passion is to analyse data and to understand the insight it gives us and how we can use it for well-informed decision making and navigation of the complex company. I have always dreamt of being the head of a financial department one day and I believe the graduate programme is a step in the right direction towards that goal.

I feel very privileged to be experiencing different units of the business and building up great relations with passionate co-workers.   


➔  Hiring!  Danish Crown are hiring graduates right now. Click here for more details on the programme.