The Saxo Bank Graduate Programme – A truly international programme

23/01/2021 Graduateships Min.

What makes the Saxo Bank Graduate Program special?

It’s a truly international program.  Headquartered in Denmark, we employ more than 2,000 people across 60 different nationalities globally. We have offices in key financial centres around the world including London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Gurugram, Tokyo and Paris.

The program offers a great possibility to try out different areas of Saxo Bank, and help you decide in which direction you want to take your career. As a Graduate your learning curve will be steep as you’ll get the opportunity to be exposed to many different elements of the bank throughout the 18 months long program

How is the program put together?

Every Graduate has a sponsor. The Sponsor is the owner of the Graduate and plans the program. The first 9 months, you as a Graduate get exposed to important stakeholders across Saxo Bank. As an example a Graduate in Sales, could be rotated to Compliance for a 3 month period, or an IT Graduate could be rotated to the Trading Floor for a 3 month period. This, to give you an understanding of the entire value chain. Also you will be rotated to one of the subsidiaries abroad to ensure a cross geographical exposure. All is obviously subject to COVID-19. The remaining 9 months of the program you will rotate within the specific function the Graduate is allocated to.

Having the strongest culture with the best people is in essence the most important competitive advantage for any company.... Investing in young talent is one of the ways we ensure a successful future for Saxo Bank and our ability to navigate an ever changing world ensuring win - win between all stakeholders. The Saxo Graduate Program is a significant talent pool for our future Specialists and Leaders.
Kim Fournais CEO & Founder of Saxo Bank

What sort of profiles are you looking for?

Curiosity, resilience and a huge appetite for learning as well as being a team player will help you fit into our culture and become successful within Saxo Bank.

It is a plus if you have some kind of work experience. It doesn’t matter where you worked, as long as you know what it means to engage in a work relation.

Lastly, diversity is very important in Saxo. Our last Graduate batch of 10 candidates had 9 different nationalities.

Do you have any advice for future Graduates?

We expect our Graduates to take ownership of their own development, by being proactive and inquisitive.

Remember, a Graduate Program is a learning process. There will be good days and challenging days, and you will sometimes find yourself at the deep end, but in Saxo Bank, we always have your back.


We offer our Graduates a great opportunity for career progress and we are already seeing our last Graduate batch accelerating their career within the company.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, agile, collaborative and challenging place to work that values your drive, curiosity and desire to learn, don’t hesitate any longer and apply for our Graduate Program!