The Secret to getting an interview at Google, Facebook, Amazon or any other company!

Getting into the largest tech companies is a very competitive journey. They usually consist of many interview round and is attracting top talents from a range of industries. Besides being very intelligent you also need to show that you will be able to fit into their culture. However once you make it in the rewards can be big. Beyond a good salary and equity, you will also be showered in perks and have a steep learning curve. We have gathered some of the insights if you are considering applying for a tech company!


Why Tech


The tech industry – particularly the FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) have outgrown all other industries and companies on the Fortune 500 list. It’s unlikely for this growth to slow down as they explore new revenue streams and it is therefore expected that the


What you need


The big tech companies usually look for 3 things:

  • Relevant work experience (internship/student jobs)
  • An actual interest in the company (do your research – especially on values)
  • Good grades from a good school (a +, but not a most)


Referrals – The golden ticket through the door


There are a bunch of different ways to increase your chances of at least making it to the phone screen – although none are as good as a referral from someone on the inside. In most companies a referral from a current employee will automatically get you put to that stage which means you are amongst the 1-2% making it that far. It is unlikely that you know someone in all the big tech companies, which is where your network or LinkedIn comes in handy.


The best way to get a referral for a position is to search for current employees working at the company or reach out to former companies who might know someone at the company you are interested in. Luckily due to LinkedIn finding someone who works for Google, Facebook or Amazon should be relatively straight forward. Once you find the right person simply ask them – in a kind way if they are able to refer you for position x.


You might ask: “Why would they help me without an incentive”? In all major companies there is a referral bonus connected with any successful referral – it is therefore in everyone’s interest to people get hired.


Interested in working for a FAANGP company – check out a few selected positions below:



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