Tips and Tricks to get a Job After Graduation


Times are tough and many graduates think that it is going be even tougher to get a job for them due to the pandemic. However, let’s make one thing clear. There are still jobs out there and a new paradigm working in your favor is settling.

For starters:

  • Some industries are booming because of Covid-19 – especially tech
  • Many businesses are shifting to a remote working model
  • Automation might accelerate


This is because the pandemic is not looking to end anytime soon and everyone wants to survive. And these pointers can actually be in graduates’ favour, so better take advantage of them.


You are coming out with the newest knowledge of automation, whether it is within software and BI tools for managers from Microsoft and SAP, what you learned about robot engineering, or matching optimal cultural transformation with tomorrow’s automation.


Much of today’s youth are also agile and flexible in terms of working models and work stations, why you might be a better fit for the changing job market.


In conclusion – plenty of reasons to stay optimistic while applying for jobs (also unsolicited ones) after your graduation!


To help you stay positive in your job hunt, we also gathered a few tricks and tips. Applying for jobs is much about staying in the game with your head above waters – so here are a few ways to do that.


How to stay positive while applying for jobs

This might be hard as there is news of many people being laid off and companies downsizing. However, don’t let that make you feel bad. Many businesses are facing a crisis, but e-commerce businesses are thriving. Deliveries are still open and so such businesses are facing fewer problems during this time.

You will be okay

Remember, many companies appreciate that you reach out if you are a relevant employee for their business. Being in contact with company managers can give you a load of positive energy, since you get a glimpse of working life. Leech it!

Be sure to do your research and figure out before-hand if there is a change of matching. If so, reason with the company how you can add value.


Furthermore, have in mind companies, where the business model is shifting so you can apply for the jobs on the rise right now. Industries that have an e-commerce model or industries in the service sector such as delivery apps are thriving.


A good example is the job position for Wolt as a market associate:


If you managed to obtain some experience during your studies, this position is relevant for many types of business students.


Another way to secure a job, is to see yourself as a freemium service. Give away a bite of your services through talent training and mentor programmes like the ones offered by EY:


EY Talent Training, Copenhagen

EY Talent Training is an educational initiative for students with an interest in a future career within management consulting. Throughout 6 Thursdays from 1 October to 5 November 2020, you will be able to participate in unique workshop sessions with the purpose of improving your skills relevant for a career in management consulting.


Read more here: EY’s Talent Training program  


Women in Consulting – Mentorship Program, Copenhagen

Do you dream of becoming a future consultant? Do you want your career dreams turned into plans? Now you will have the chance. EY’s mentorship program “Women in Consulting” is your chance to develop yourself and explore your opportunities for a successful career in management consulting– and at the same time gain a unique insight into women in consulting. 


Read more here: Women in Consulting – Mentorship Program 


Stay positive and do your research so you can apply for jobs that are relevant in the time we are living right now. As a fresh graduate, you need to assess the market and see where you fit. Once you do, you can apply for any job openings.


However, if there are no openings then you can apply for unsolicited jobs and here is how.


Tips for applying to unsolicited jobs

Not everyone can get the sought for graduate schemes. Therefore, have an open mind about your situation. For this, you can write a cover letter or an inquiry letter to the place you want a job at. Many companies never advertise openings on many platforms. This is why an unsolicited cover letter can land you a job that you didn’t even know existed in the first place!


Here are some tips for getting unsolicited jobs, that may just land you your first position after graduation:

  • Get in contact with a recruitment bureau that can advertise your profile – these days it’s not only for temporary teacher jobs but also for business professionals.
  • State a brief introduction with the purpose of the application and your interest in the company
  • Identify your credentials and skills. However, don’t limit yourself here. Avoid concluding yourself and write your range of skills so the employer can judge themselves where you fit
  • Identify your professional expertise if you have had any before
  • Highlight your achievements. These should stand out to distinguish you from the rest. This is where you convince the business that you are perfect for a job that is not even posted
  • Since Covid-19, you might need to do this online – but ask to meet IRL or digitally. It can leave a lasting and better impression.
  • Keep coming back until you have answers, otherwise you might easily be forgotten


By taking such actions, many companies will be sure to consider you. Even if you don’t have previous experience that is okay because employers look for drive, ambition, and the ability to learn. This is where you can set yourself apart from the rest.


Final words

Do remember to manage your expectations. Nobody gets their dream job right after graduation. You have to earn it and work your way towards it. Stay positive and write great CV’s, that’s where your initial evaluation occurs.


Best of luck!

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